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Kingdom Death Sci-Fi Twilight Knight Pinup

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Thanks, everyone! Glad you like it. The sword ended up being a bit better blending than the rest because it wasn't a steep gradient and in the couple spots where the white pigments did their thing I used two brush blending to hide it a little.


I did Ali McVey's two brush blending waaay back on my second mini and it was mediocre at best (my attempt, not Ali's!), and it's kind of cumbersome and weird. But watching Shoshie livestreaming it's been back on my mind the last month or so. It's not as good for me as glazing layers for smoothness, but it's about 1000x faster!

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She's just awesome, Cash. If you feel she's done, she's done. Remember "done, not perfect"!  ^_^

I also like, 'a work is never finished, only abandoned.' We all know we could spend an entire lifetime on one mini if we wanted to!  ::P:


I think she looks fantastic Cash!

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Ah, but there is a work where I've done satisfactory painting and one where I've totally slacked on 90% of the blending out of impatience, knowing I was doing so at the time :p


Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm going to tackle drawing and oil painting classes again next week, so I think at best I'll give her one more pass before painting the base and sealing her.

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