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Using ECM for the first time


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Hey all,


So I've done quite a few games with mostly attack units and some combined arms (I love mixing in infantry and aircraft), but I'm slowly working in more unit types.  I've recently been trying out recon units with ECM and I'd like to make sure I'm using them correctly.


Specifically, function #1: Block any target-lock attempt by an enemy model currently located within its area of effect.


1) How long does this effect last?  End of the current turn, or until this unit's next activation?


2) Does it block target-lock against one enemy model (literally "an enemy model"), or all enemy models in range (everything in a 4-5 foot diameter circle)?


3) Does destroying, disabling, or disrupting the model with ECM end the effect immediately?


4) Does moving out of the area of effect end the ECM effect on that model? ("currently located" seems to imply moving out of range would not work, but I want to be sure)




Now that I think about it, question 1 could apply to a few model states as well (such as burning or disrupted).  For example, say a model has already activated this turn, and then gets affected by Disrupted for three turns.  Does this last until that model activates three times, or until three game turns end (in the latter case, it would only be affected twice since it already activated this turn)?

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1. It lasts until the models next activation or it is destroyed or it is jammed. There is some strategy there as to when to activate the model from one turn to the next to maximize the effect.


2. Any model in its AoE will be unable to use target-lock.


3. Yes


4. Yes


Its by activation. So if it has already activated the effect will begin during the next turn.

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