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Cool thing for shipping minis - FREE!


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Cruising through Wal-Mart Sunday, I came across a Tylenol display with these padding things stuck in it. I noticed they were the PERFECT size for how I like to pack my minis for sale.


I lay the mini down on the pad and trace an outline around it. Then I cut the shape and pull it out to a thickness that will hold the mini securely. Cover with the other pad, flip, trace, cut that one to match, then sandwich the mini between the two pads.


I've been making custom boxes to put the foam in, but I've got a big lot of stuff to ship out to one guy, so I'm using masking tape to hold the foam pieces together.


I've never had a mini packaged this way get damaged in shipping. I was using cheap sponges for this, but I ran out and haven't been able to find them again.


There are a lot of WalMarts in my area and they don't seem to mind me cleaning out the packing foam. So I guess I'll hit a few more before the displays are gone.


Thought some of you who sell and send minis might want to know about this packing method, especially since the material is free salvage of what would otherwise wind up in a landfill.

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