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77042, 77051, 77056, 77059, 77064: Orcs

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I have to admit I like these orcs quite a bit now that they are painted.  They painted up quick and easy.  They are more shiny here than in person, but maybe I will use this as an excuse to use some of the matte sealer I got in my last order.  They will do nicely for D&D, at least until my Shield Wolf Orcs get here  ^_^


77056: Orc Sniper x2



77042: Orc Marauder



77059: Orc Berserker



77051: Orc Stalker



77064: Kavorgh, Orc Warboss


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Thanks!  The shiny is hiding some of the details, but I am really happy with how they look on the table.

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