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Questions Regarding Target Locks


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Hello All. I have some questions regarding Target Locks:


1)      Do Target Locks expire at the end of an activation, turn, or are they continuous (at least until the Locker or Lockee? perish).


2)      Can a single model accumulate a target lock on more than one target at a time, or will Locking onto a new target cancel an existing Target Lock a model had?


3)      Are any of the Skills (ECM or Counter Measures or ?) usable outside of the defending models activation?


          Example: Player A activated a CAV with Medium Guided Missiles. Using his First Activation he uses a Target Lock Action to lock onto an opponents model (Player B). He now wishes to use a Combat Action to fire the Medium Guided Missiles. Is there any defense Player B has to disrupt this Target Lock, and prevent player A from firing the missiles at this time? Or does he have to take the missile hits and then utilize ECM, Counter Measures, etc during his own activation?



Thank you for the clarification!

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A target lock remains in effect until the model that used it activates next.


A model can only have one target lock at a time.


ECM no but a model with Counter-Measures can declare its use when a model attempts to target lock it or TAG it in an attempt to disrupt it.

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