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August RPChallenge!


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Please see the main post here for rules, questions and general chatter, while using this thread to keep a list of links to your show-offs or show-off related comments in a single post: A reminder to please adhere to miniatures posting guidelines as usual.
All the information you need should be here.

Your challenge is: 4

Bonus Challenge: Lost in Time and Space
This is the month the first "Time Machine" movie was released. Paint figure that's lost in their place of time. A sci-fi mini converted to have a shield and sword or such, or a fantasy mini with sci-fi gear such as a gun, baton/shield, etc.

And a bonus challenge!
To celebrate the birthday of our own Talespinner, Add to either 77317 77318 or 77319 by sculpting something to go onto it, and paint it. A fun celebration of one of the reaper sculptors

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Top Posters In This Topic

Yeah for Zeke!

Things carrying over from July.....



  1. Grenadier Cave Fisher Show Off
  2. Sir ForScale (Garrick The Bold 77008) Show Off
  3. The Ranger Josey Wales (DSM Male Ranger (7403))Show Off
  4. Sir ForScale of Tabletop (Garrick The Bold 77008) Show Off


Working on:

  1. FR-1 Diorama (5-7 minis) WiP (This will be carrying over a while....)
  2. Grenadier Cave Fisher WIP
  3. Wolf Demon (77307) For Airbrush Tutorial on Hangouts...(on Hiatus....)
  4. DSM Male Ranger (7403) WIP
  5. Sir ForScale (Garrick The Bold 77008) WiP
  6. Bombshell Glacia  (10052) WIP
  7. Another Sir ForScale (Garrick The Bold 77008)

I wonder what else will wander on to this list....

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1-2 Blue & Black dragon hatchlings

Oathsworn Fighter in sensible shoes. 

Cassiatta converted to succubus

5 Denver Vrock

awesome dwarf.  



Stonehaven halfling 

Stonehaven Pig


PF dragon, black. 

Bed - (painted by daughter), sculpted editions by me. 

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1-7: Bugbears
8-13: Orcs

14: Sir Forscale

15: Eye Beast- links to come

77090, 77049, 77049: Reaper "woodland" bandits
01511 2010 Warlord Tournament Miniature
GG/CMON/ZBP Abomination- Needs Blood
GG/CMON/ZBP NPC Zombies- One of Each
GW Changeling (as wraith)- OSL attempt

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Been on holiday and then work work work. Not much done this month.




1: Evil Bloodsucking Chocobo of Death


1: Hell Hound


3: Mushroom Men


1: Hatchling Dragon 


1 Battleguard Golem


1 Ninja





4: Tyranid Gaunts


1: Stormcast Eternal Liberator


1: Silver Tower Pink Horror of Tzeentch


12: Warhammer Quest: Snotlings


12: Warhammer Quest: Giant Bats


Painted so far this month: 38


Painted so far this year: 271

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