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Champion of Slaanesh (oldhammer speedpaint)

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very nicely done vulture.  I like that you stuck to a pretty classic pallet for the colors.


I remember way back in the 80's when the realms of chaos books came out.  As a gaming group we were so excited for all the chaotic goodness.  We all started a chaos warband, I used slaanesh.  We used the campaign and mutation system from the books to expand our warband and mutate our champions, it was great fun...then I had a few too many good games in a row, a few too many good gifts of chaos rolls and then an amazingly awful roll, BAM! all of a sudden my champion was a dribbling drooling spawn of chaos!


I went back to my orks and never looked back...except for the occasional peek at the slaanesh stuff, always loved that stuff.

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good times!  I think part of the reason I was attracted to these is the pure nostalgia of them - working on these guys is a bit like claiming an aspect of my childhood I never had, but always wanted through the store window.

I'm going to continue to work on these guys, despite them pushing my project queue to the limit. more to come soon!

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