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Okay guys, I only have time to paint one, so what should it be???


Sir Garrick the Bold of Gryffindor

- Red and gold scheme.

- Lion shield.

- "While the bravest and the boldest went to daring Gryffindor."


Sir Garrick of Procrastius

- Green and silver.

- Snail shield.

- House Represeeeeent!


Sir Garrick the Flash

- Red, blue, and gold.

- Lightning shield.

- Jay Garrick is the Flash! I knew I'd seen the name somewhere!! ::D:


I said....


Posted Yesterday, 09:59 AM

And of course, since Morihalda is going to paint up the House Procrastius Version, I decided that House Tabletop needs one as well....

(Glad I ordered 2 of them!)



So here he is after the emblem was sculpted on the shield...

post-14271-0-61744000-1470715439_thumb.jpg post-14271-0-29853400-1470715440.jpg


Much easier than sculpting hands!


Need to touch up the grey liner, then give him a coat of white primer tomorrow....



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So I swapped out the sword for a metal one, and started doing some high lights on the Tabard, as well as adding the black bar and working on the chess knight...           Thanks for looking!  

I said....   Posted Yesterday, 09:59 AM And of course, since Morihalda is going to paint up the House Procrastius Version, I decided that House Tabletop needs one as well.... (Glad I ordered 2

Added some primer and Mediterranean Blue, Thrash Metal on the chain mail...     George

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Looks great, nice job on the sculpting in particular.  And yes, I can confirm that his sword is rather bendy.  :)  That's just all part of Sir Forscale's true might, he lulls his opponents into a false sense of security before striking them down with his Sword of Bendiness +10

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