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Lt. Coldfire

Angels of Sorrow, Bones version

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I love the "Rawr! Lookit me! Imma scary angel!" while the other is all "Oh good grief Matilda, stop it, you're embarrassing me!"


That green is fabulous.

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    • By Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Purgatory is a game and world created by Underestimated Games, which in 2016 successfully launched Purgatory on the Kickstarter platform, funding at the first attempt. You can read about the first Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1306503490/purgatory

      The Age of Purgatory is a period in the human calendar where Angels, Knightmares and Devils have ravaged our world in the aftermath of the War for Heaven. Angels, responsible for the development and harmony of the worlds under their charge have renounced their oaths, casting off the shackles of subversion of careless Gods to forge their own path in the wake of the betrayer in chief, Satan.

      As Satan's followers flocked to his banner and turned upon their kin, blades were drawn and siblings slain and only by the combined efforts of Penemue coordinating the loyalist resistance alongside the arrival of the Archangel Michael, lord of the third Heavemy Host, did they banish and cast the renegades out of the seventh Heaven.

      With Fallen Angels landing on Earth, war erupted and humans were enslaved by the millions or enlisted to serve despicable new masters. But as evil ascends, good rises to meet it and pockets of humans, galvanised by Angels still loyal to their lords formed in small groups to resist the threat posed by the predators in their midst.

      Now, with the Soul Train and Murder Inc. in play from the first Kickstarter, it is the turn of the Refugees of Religion and possibly the Gangbangers to join, what many are calling the War of Ending.


      Automatically Appended Next Post:
      more examples of their minis can be seen in Murder Inc one of those funded in the first KS

      and more can be seen on facebook here https://www.facebook.com/pg/purgatoryminiatures/photos/?ref=page_internal

      I pledged in the last KS and they were a pleasure to deal with, excellent communication, on time for a lot of pledges (a couple of minis were delayed so those of us getting them were a couple of months late which is KS terms is nothing), and they've carried on being active with the game subsequenty
    • By nakos
      Hi, I'm looking for any historical infantry mini with a forlorn/tired/sorrow look in 28-32mm, preferably from Reaper.
    • By viking_hank
      I found these angels on line they were so pose to be from reaper, but I do not think that is the case. they appear to be made out of lead so they have some age on them. please let me know what you think.  the top three pics are the old paint bottom two are new paint. looks like the previous owner had a horrible spill with brown paint.

    • By Arikiel
      Hello everybody! I've been considering my collection of Outsiders, for D&D/Pathfinder. I'm keeping things simple and just doing four main groupings. Combined Angels/Archons (LG), Azata/Eladrin/Fey (CG), Demons (CE), and Devils (LE). I was hoping to get your thoughts/general input on filling the blank slots I've got.
      Demons are pretty easy as there's a plethora in every edition and in mini form.
      Type 0 (CR 7ish): Succubus (77067)
      Type 1 (CR 8-9): Vrock (77262)
      Type 2 (CR10-11): Hezrou (77377)
      Type 3 (CR 12-13): Glabrezu (77307)
      Type 4 (CR 14-15): Nalfeshnee (77308)
      Type 5 (CR 16-17): Marilith (77393)
      Type 6 (CR 20+): Balor (77315)
      Devils are also pretty straight forward. I'm hoping the missing ones will come out in Bones 3.
      Type 0 (CR 7ish): Erinyes (77281 or 77370)
      Type 1 (CR 8-9): Bone Devil (77325)
      Type 2 (CR10-11): Barbed Devil (?)
      Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ice Devil (77324)
      Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?)
      Type 5 (CR 16-17): Horned Devil (?)
      Type 6 (CR 20+): Pit Fiend (77112)
      Angels are pretty well covered in mechanically but not in miniature form.
      Type 0 (CR 7ish) ??? (77364?)
      Type 1 (CR 8-9): ??? (?)
      Type 2 (CR10-11): Movanic Deva (?)
      Type 3 (CR 12-13): Monadic Deva (?)
      Type 4 (CR 14-15): Astral Deva (?)
      Type 5 (CR 16-17): Planetar (77363)
      Type 6 (CR 20+): Solar (?)
      Azata/Eladrin/Fey is where I'm having a hard time coming up with anything.
      Type 0 (CR 7ish): "Sylph" (77266)
      Type 1 (CR 8-9): upgraded Lillend? (?)
      Type 2 (CR10-11): ??? (?)
      Type 3 (CR 12-13): Ghaele (?)
      Type 4 (CR 14-15): ??? (?)
      Type 5 (CR 16-17): ??? (?)
      Type 6 (CR 20+): ??? (?)
      I could possibly work in the Horned Hunter (89033) and Spirit of the Forest (77184) somehow. Would also be up for using the Cloud Giant (77162) and Storm Giant (77179) as they don't really fit with the rest of the giants in my world setting. Sort of as "titans" maybe? *shrugs*
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