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77055 Anval Thriceddamed, Evil Warrior

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He looks badash!!! love it :D


I think he's thrice damned because:


- no nose! it's hard to breath with no nose

- related to this, he obviously has sleep apnea and can't get good rest at night

- and, finally, it looks like .... badaa dum! he took an arrow to the knee



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Good job on this one, he was a tough cookie as some details aren't clear enough on the bone version. Here is my own attempt at this one.


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It was tough to get a good picture of him. I did what I could.

I'd like to know why he is thricedamned... Thoughts?

A wizard did it.


First shot from the Wand of Doomnation vanished most of his torso armor.


Second shot from the Wand of Doomnation shrank his body from his (then unprotected) waist up.


Third shot from the Wand of Doomnation got him right in the head, shrinking it further, accounting for the tiny head.


You did a better job painting him than I could do.


Photography: on the plus side the figure is in good focus, on the minus side the background is a busy mess. A fifty-nine cent sheet of craft foam in gray or light blue might work wonders if used as a backdrop.

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