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Lunesdargent Workshop: Egyptian Dungeon Game Tiles


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Here a little updates on the kickstarter campaign :) *Just unlocked a free wall tile moment ago*


Here are the pieces contained in a set (50)(51) :

8 corner walls, 4 diagonal walls, 4 sliding door sockets with 4 doors, 8 walls, 4 square ground tiles, 2 square ground tiles with columns, 4 half-width ground tiles, 3 straight corridors, 1 corner corridor, 1 T-junction corridor and 1 staircase entrance + 2 female sphinx, 2 male sphinx, 1 sarcophagus, 1 large sarcophagus.

Advanced SG (2 sets or more) : + 1 floor tile.

0fb128bf7ebdc4aea80e7de54cbe9ccf_origina*T-junction missing from this picture


New stretch goals map :


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There is one thing that would sell me 100%, but you're probably not going to like it since it would mean redoing the entire thing.  That would be: walls not attached to the floor tiles.  See the Secret Weapon kickstarter and how walls are handled there.


I like removable walls for when they get in the way of visibility or when figures bump into walls and don't fit right (and with modern oversized "Heroic Scale" figures that happens all the time).  Or finding a secret door and then pulling the wall out, that's fun.


But yea keep doing what you're doing since there's already 137 people who like it that way.  :)

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I have some questions:


1) If these break, do they breaking cleanly, or do they crumble? 


2) If they break cleanly, can they be reglued with super glue?


3) I would also be interested in some scale shots with Reaper miniatures, which are "heroic" scale and thus a little on the big side.  I can't tell how tall the walls are from the images.


4) Why the caveat about tiny surface bubbles adding to the time-worn look of the pieces?  I don't see any bubbles in the photos.



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The part that I have broken (willingly) did not crumble, the whole part broke in two or sometime 3 chunk, very easy to glue together, I did not try yet however.


I do not have any reaper miniatures sadly, I will get a hold of some next month.


Little entraped air buble can happen in the casting, I use different methods have the less amount possible but I wanted to make it clear that they can happen, , in small detail or sharp corner, but after the dirt wash I think they look really good ! (if there is too many I will scrap the part so no worries )


Jeneki, I could do an environement with detachable wall someday but  for this style I did not want falling wall, I think its faster to build a large dungeon the way my tiles are right now, but maybe the two can be mixed :)

sorry if me english is not so good, I worked all night on the project and english is my second language !


See you all soon

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