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Differences between target lock and TAG


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The description of TAG on pages 124-125 has some fluff, but no real information on what it does in-game. I've spent some time reading up what I can find elsewhere in the rulebook, but I want to make sure I'm understanding the differences between TAG and Target Lock correctly.


Please let me know if any of the following is incorrect:


1) Acquiring Target Lock uses a target lock action, while acquiring TAG uses a special action.  Functionally this seems quite similar as they both use up one of your actions and are non-repeatable. (not identical, but similar in most circumstances)


2) Both Target Lock and TAG allow guided missiles to fire. (same)


3) TAG requires line of sight, however Target Lock does not. (different)


4) Both Target Lock and TAG can be affected by Counter-Measures. (same)


5) ECM states that it stops Target Lock, but does not mention TAG.  (different)


6A) In the Strike Point Roll Table (page 56 and cheat sheet), an Advanced Targeting Computer gives a bonus when used with Target Lock or TAG. (same)


6B) However, in the description for Advanced Targeting Computer (page 119) it only mentions Target Lock as giving a bonus to primary combat rolls. This makes me wonder if TAG gives a bonus for direct-fire target-point rolls, or only indirect strike-point rolls. (different?)


Anything else that I'm missing?  Thanks!

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I posed this question to Jon as well when I first read the rules. He since explained it to me and IIRC it works as a special action to acquire a target lock for guided missiles that other members of the section can use (Similar to EST). The main difference is that it does not need to be required each turn. It remains in effect as long as their is line of site between the tag unit and the target. Of course it does have its draw back in that smoke and other obsticles can block it and cause you to spend another point to require it if lost.


If this is incorrect then anyone please fell free to correct me if I am wrong.



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When we played the demos with CAVBOSS he explained TAG as the equivilant to modern day laser markers hence the need for line of sight and the lack of interference from ECM.


Targrt lock is more like a radar lock. Since we have a third person view, its kind of hard to comprehend that we are not actually aiming at a stationary physical object, we are aiming at where our sensors tell us it thinks an object is or making a snap shot using our brain as the targeting computer on a moving object with adaptive camouflage.

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 target lock for guided missiles that other members of the section can use (Similar to EST). 

I could be wrong, but wasn't it "any friendly" can use the TAG since it's just a laser?  I remember we thought it was pretty powerful and my Gladiator II had a death sentence put on it!

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I've looked, but can't manage to find anything that says whether a target lock or TAG carry over from one turn to the next or not. Similarly, I would assume that leaving the 36" bubble from a locking or tagging unit would break the lock/TAG, but it's not explicitly stated that I can see.


Savage Coyote, I interpreted TAG to apply to any friendly unit, not just a squad mate. So yeah, deadly.

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  • Reaper User

1. They do use differing actions as they are separate functions which I will go over below. They are separated in the action type required so you could do both in the same activation should you wish (mainly in the case of a recon model trying to cover all their bases would be the main example of that).


2. Both action types allow the firing of a GM(s) at the designated target.


3. TAG does require a continuous LOS while Target Lock does not.


4. Counter Measures affects both (TAG by use of a dazzler device and Target Lock by chaff/flares). It a catch all SA that encompasses various "spoof" technologies.


5. ECM only affects Target Lock. TAG can only be countered by counter measures or by loss of LoS.


6. This is a typo and will be corrected in an updated errata. The SA: Advanced Targeting Computer will only work with a Target Lock, not TAG (which receives no bonuses anywhere).


A TAG can also be used by ANY friendly model to target a GM while active (not just squad based). Its very useful in a high ECM environment. A target lock or an active TAG remains in effect until the beginning of a models next activation in which case it would need to spend the AP to reacquire the lock/TAG (which is a correction to Gunz answer below and if I told you wrong Todd I'm sorry :)


Some artillery special rounds require TAG to function as well.


Gromik: If the enemy model leaves the "range" of either than the effect is cancelled. Anything that would affect LOS after the placing of a TAG by the actions of other models would end a TAG (but not a target-lock). As stated above a TAG/target lock remains in effect until the model that initiated eithers next activation. At that point it is gone unless it is reapplied. If I stated otherwise my apologies and please direct me to the earlier post so I can fix it. :)

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Cavboss, I've looked and found at least two instances where you state the target lock only lasts until the unit's next activation. I don't know if I just misread one of those replies or I I just misinterpreted what someone else mentioned you had said, but clearly I was wrong. Sorry to make you clarify it yet again!


This definitely makes TAG and EST very valuable. It also makes it pretty clear why the Reaper carries a TAG - if one Reaper TAGs an enemy, the other friendly Reapers aren't stuck being glorified turrets...

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