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Harwood Hobbies cultists - Frostgrave Sigilist warband WIP

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So I received my Harwood Hobbies cultists miniatures.
I decided to try and make a warband out of them:[spoiler photo to come]
Mr Karswell: Sigilist
Ritual Leader: Apprentice
3 axe cultists+ executioner=melee/thugs
the enforcer (w/ machinegun)= ranged
I have a few more slots, so I'll need to see what other cultist minis I have, and whether they fit. Maybe I'll add Bones 3 cultists, or my Crooked Dice cultists




I suppose I may choose some other school than sigilist, it's just that with the spellbooks, they LOOK like sigilists.

I wish summoning weren't an opposed school, however.


And also, just in case, I'll be doing a 2 priest setup as well, they make more sense as sigiists (also with books) leaving the cultists as a summoner warband. 

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So I finished some prep work- filing and drilling holes in feet. It was weird the minis were all different.

Karswell had a tab, some had small integral bases (one that I had to chop and drill because I couldn't level it) and others that need pinning. I'll fill the bases with some happy seppuku parquet and properly pin and prime.

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So trying to find something to temporarily attach my minis to means no painting yet. Hope to prime today though.


I did get stuff done on the bases. Behind the spoiler - liner'd herringbone bases, the priest and apprentice, I discovered the accents work with hot glue- one garbage can for my terrain thread later, and the washed cultists.








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Actually, that cultists photo is unwrapped, not prepped. They were pretty clean casts and only needed a bit of bending and filing mold lines under the robes, except for the guy with the connecting piece between his axe and leg. I'm going to prime karswell today, not sure about the others.

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Bases looking good!

I've drybrushed them a bunch and washed them with a brown tint. Look better.


I also primed karswell in greyscale, but my phone died so no pics.

I experimented with mixing my primers, so I know pretty well how they work now. It was fun to learn how easy it would be to do the start of a paint job  similar to the deadlands noir ones. I'll try that again sometime.

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Base coat on karswell.
I want the red vest to match the cultists' robes.
Not sure about the hair and there's a tie that I'll do later in black
Pretty happy about this so far, just this base coat goes among my better paint jobs :unsure:
Blacks are corporea black (sapphire blue: walnut brown 3:1) though the shoes will be shiny, I hope.Shadows in black, and highlights in a dark grey I have.

Originally pants were going to be pinstriped, but.. that seems like too much work for now, so probably just grey.



You can ignore the following pic - there are better ones in the next post. I guess the camera wanted to focus on the pattern more than the mini




I'm also definitely feeling that this guy is more a summoner, even with books... also a reason for the red vest, to add some more color.

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Looking good so far Lex!  I'm glad they made it to you safety and in record time!  :-)


Mr. Karswell had a tab as I commissioned Iain to sculpt that one for me, the axe cultists had the integral base as I purchased those from Iain (I think he was planning to put them up for sale on the Tengu site, before he shut it down), and the other cultists are all 3D prints, and I haven't had enough experience to know if they would print better/worse with a tab on there.  ;-)


I'm looking forward to seeing how the warband progresses!



      Wally Harwood

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Didn't do much for a week. I did some base coating of pants and shirts yesterday, and some shading of robe/hood/tunic. Colors were msp carnage red HD maroon and msp burgundy wine.

I think I'll highlight with a sample red and add lava orange and maybe a yellow. I might do a magenta glaze after to tie it in. Then street clothes, metallics and some weird stuff in the book and then on the bases.

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