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Help Wanted: Starting a Vampire: The Masquerade Game


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Hey all!


I'm starting a Vampire: The Masquerade game in the next week or so and was wondering if anyone had any tips!  I have no experience with the game (just picked it up on Humble Bundle last week) but have run a homebrew DnD 5e for the last 9 months or so, as well as playing in a few 5e games.


Looking for suggestions for intriguing, engaging plot settings or general tips.  I'm limiting my PCs to Camarilla factions for the time being, might open up to Anarchs later, but probably not Sabbat for a good long while, if ever.  Thinking LA circa 1990-2000, but I'm not remotely familiar with the city, so that might have to change.  It's a little cliche, but it's probably what pops into 4/5 people's heads when you say modern urban vampire.  Probably going to draw inspiration for a lot of settings from Angel, as well as gang flicks/shows (casinos, underground fights, private poker games, etc., with the requisite surplus of drugs, scantily clad women, and guns).


The PCs are all (or mostly) from different factions, so I like the idea of them forming a de facto coterie, although each PC will have their own motivations and tasks passed down from their own elders.  While they are all serving the Camarilla, there will still be power struggles between clans, and each PC might be looking for opportunities to disparage or sully the other clans' reputations while they're working together to complete a task assigned by the Prince.


So basically, I have certain goals for the overall intrigue of the campaign, but no specifics for NPCs, settings, or plot hooks.


If you've run or played in a V:TM story, what did you like, what did you not like, what worked well, etc. etc.






edit:  derp, said Vegas when I meant LA (I blame one of the reddit threads I was reading for mixing me up).  Fixed it now

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One of the hardest things to do with V:TM for our group(s) was always the dark solo aspect. There's supposed to be all this loss of humanity stuff in there, and when it works, it works, but usually the PCs just just end up a bunch of degenerates that don't really care about much. It's hard to get the group to care about someone's personal struggles when everyone needs to be involved. If you can work it in as a GM though, it's a top ten gaming moment.


Our greatest V:TM game was one where we played ourselves (back in High School), but in the game one of us was turned as part of a Sabbat game of 'turn a vampire, let them loose, everybody hunt them'. It was pretty good because we did have real reservations about fictitiously hurting people we really knew in real life since the story basically ended up taking place in our own city after the first person turned the rest of us in a desperate attempt to protect themselves from the Sabbat hunters.

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