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Star Wars: Rogue One


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I can't believe that Grumpy never commented.


I liked it.


He REALLY liked it.


But... the ending... oh, my... :'(



At the end Cassien has his back turned and his eyes closed.


Jyn watches their deaths coming with her eyes open.


I felt like crying.



I liked Force Awakens more. It didn't leave me feeling like I had been punched in the heart.


Grump watching Force Awakens was a treat. His eyes just kept getting bigger when we saw it. I and I had to talk him into it because he hated the prequels SO much.

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I saw it a couple of days ago.

For me Star Wars always meant a bit of humour and sillyness could be expected. There wasnt much of that in this movie, and the few attempts that were made fell pretty flat with the audience.

Overall I liked it. Not as much as I liked Force Awakens even with the issues that movie had.


And R1 should have had the scroll. It may not be one of the trilogy of trilogies, but it was definately part of that story.

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I had only one small problem with it.


I completely misunderstood what they were calling the wheezing cyborg rebel.


For the entire movie I thought he was Saul Guerrera.



Haha, I heard 'Sol' Guerrera. Seems more space-y than 'Saw'.



Also, I figure that the gas that keeps him alive has the side effect of making him crazy(-er)? Multiple times in the movie it's like

*Says something sensible*


*Says something crazy*


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I think i'm different than the vast majority of people and film critics...in that i honestly didn't like Force Awakens, but i did enjoy Rogue One

I couldn't see past the issues with Force Awakens, and it just ruins the movie for me. At least Rogue One had a original story line, that wasn't a rehash of New Hope with a new cast and female lead =P 


I dunno, i actually laughed a bit during Rogue One, and i don't remember even cracking a smile at Force Awakens. 

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Maybe I'm proving I'm an insensitive elf hat, but I like the movie better because of the ending. If it had been another saccharine American style, and now they live happily ever after, I would have vomited on my way out of the theater.


Life is random and harsh sometimes.


And this way, there love will always be the white hot intensity of first love.

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It's not like the Rebel Alliance is 10 guys and a single X-wing. The reason they may not show up in the Main Movies is because they were simply not part of the story. They could have simply been "background character #8." It's not like Rommell or Patton showed up in EVERY battle of WWII either...


But I do agree with the points on the ending. The movie was about desperate sacrifice, and how far one is willing to go for a cause they believe in... So the ending was perfect within that context.



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Funny thing is I felt more sadden at K-2's death after trying to hold off the stormtroopers & work the panels vs when Jen & Cassian died. I guess he was more of a favored character for me. Looking forward to the blu-ray when it's released. Hell I might even pick up TFA by then :lol: 


It's not that I didn't like TFA I did, just lazy in getting the b-r.

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