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Darklands: Savage Hordes III


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About this project




Darklands: Savage Hordes III is a fantastic Kickstarter project from Mierce Miniatures designed to fund mounted miniatures for all the various kindreds of Darklands, as well as theSavage Hordes Muster Book!


Backing Darklands: Savage Hordes III is a great opportunity to get into the dark fantasy world of Darklands for the first time, to expand your existing Darklands collection or maybe just to grab some fantastic miniatures to paint. We'll give you the option to purchase everything in resin, too, if you're more of a painter than a gamer!


Darklands is a tabletop skirmish wargame in which YOU command the hosts of man and beast that your ancestors once did for glory, power or simple survival.

You can play Darklands with all of our amazing miniatures, including our incredible monsters and anything produced by this project, in a wargame designed specifically for them in a setting that you already know a lot about... for the lands of darkness, the "dark lands" as we call them, are in fact the north and west of Europe and of course the sunken lands still remembered, yet no longer seen, from ancient times.

Intrigued? Have a look at the bottom of this project's page for more information on Darklands the wargame!


To keep things as simple as possible, this project’s rewards are mostly based around the concept of a Mounted Starter Host - the "METAL MOUNTED STARTER HOST" and the "RESIN MOUNTED STARTER HOST", as well as the "SAVAGE HORDES BOOK & HOST", designed to get you and a friend playing Darklands!





There's also a mighty early bird reward - the "ALL THE INITIAL HOSTS" reward, which gives you a HUGE discount if you go for all five of the initial hosts in metal (the Duguth Ä’ored, Oghureach [resin], Horse-Ax-Drune, Reiver Horse and WihtgÄr Horse) - it saves you over 50% from purchasing the hosts individually!



As well as rewards that allow you to pledge for monsters, there is also an "I JUST WANT SOME COOL MINIATURES" reward, for those who want to pick and choose particular miniatures from the starter hosts, other miniatures we unveil or accessories and books.


Starter Hosts contain a small Darklands host of around 499 gold - so Encounter Host size - where possible, and you can add the Darklands: First Edition rule book, order tokens and D10 dice to your pledge to ensure you have everything you need to get started!

The Mounted Starter Hosts for this project almost always contain:

  • 1x Commander
  • 1x Mounted unit of 5x miniatures, including champion, banner bearer and herald where appropriate

The Mounted Starter Host that will be yours once the project's funding goal is achieved is outlined below.
















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I hate losing out on the host deals, since that's usually where the value is. But I'll probably get the unit champion and a rider or two. Maybe the mounted Grima, depends on where the budget is when it gets cast up.


Still tempted to get a walvax or two, those are pretty awesome. But the Jute are so nice...

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