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Sir Justin For$ale & Sir Forscale Grand Surveyor

Cranky Dog

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This project  was overflowing with "first times" for me.


- First ForScales I've ever done.

- First time doing mods.

- First time using epoxy putty (Tamiya).

- First time scuplting, minis or otherwise.

- First pics of completed minis I've ever taken. (And I've been hanging around here for over three years).

- First time taking pics with a proper backdrop (printed it out)

- First time I've shared pics of my minis.

- First time I've started a post in the Show Off sub-forum.

- First time I've painted for a contest.

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Sir Justin For$ale. I'm not totally sure where I got the idea for For$ale aside of the pun, but I knew I wanted that dollar sign on the shield. The dollar sign sword was a bonus if I could find some sculpting material. Apparently Green Stuff doesn't exist in this town. So I was about to use some FIMO polymer clay when I stumbled upon some Tamiya two part epoxy. From reading up on everyone's experience with GS, Tamiya epoxy does not seem to act the same way, but I did manage. I did the money bags first, the dollar sign sword next. It felt like working with old chewing gum. I used heavy sewing thread for the bags' ropes.



Grand Surveyor Forscale was an Idea I had for a long time. Originally, I just wanted a graded sword, but it was done before. So I went with the idea of a surveyor's look. You know, the guys that stand outside measuring distances and figure out where borders start and end. I was lucky in stumbling upon some aluminum rods at the hobby shop and they fit perfectly in the sword hand. An since I was able to glue the rod to the base, I could get a pretty accurate half inch measurements. All in all, it's accurate for anything 3 inches tall.


The top of the rod and the plumb line are the scavenged sword. The line itself is some thick polyester sewing thread that I super glued to the sword tip. The thread wouldn't stay straight and naturally curled up. So I got inspired in using white glue where I would put a dab on my finger and pull the thread through. Then I hung the sword and line and weighted it down with a binder clip overnight and lo it became stiff and straight the next day. That I managed to get it so perfectly aligned and the exact same height as the rod on the first try was pure dumb luck. I'm talking razor thin gap.

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*chuckle* I like the surveyor mod - that's very clever. I truly did giggle my fool head off when I recognized his sword at the end of the plumb line.

The dollar-sign sword on Sir For$ale is cute, but... I like the little bags. Those things are a pain in the fingers to sculpt that tiny, and you did a really nice job on them.


You should totally share more of your work! This is awesome, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one wanting to see what else you have on the table. ^_^

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