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I just had a Charlie Brown "Aaaaaauuuuuugh!!!" moment.


Yesterday, I wanted to seal my minis before sending them, another of my firsts (see second post). I have Liquitex matte varnish.


I diluted it with water. Put down a first thin layer on the back of the shield. Everything looked okay. Second thin layer also seemed okay. So I went and covered both Forscales.


Then the very fine pooling in the cracks started. Then it dried white and refused to go transparent. It came as a surprised as I was sure I was putting it thin enough. But I now I had white lines everywhere where only dark shadows should be. And even with vigorous scrubbing, I couldn't fix them.


So I spent all evening trying to salvage my entries. Essentially redoing my lining and adding a fresh layer of paint. The occasional unnoticed stray stroke of brown liner over transparent orange pigment was maddening, it takes forever to fix.


Anyway, they look pretty much the way they should again. A little better here, a bit worse there, but overall like they were before.


Final step was to sign them on the bottom with a permanent marker, and a layer of matte varnish that is suddenly cooperating (varnish likes flat surface, hates cracks).


I'll be pack and send them through the mail later today after I write up a small description for Bryan and Co.

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