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I've finally decided to get my boot in gear and paint up my submission to Reaperbryan's Sir Forscale competition: http://forum.reapermini.com/index.php?/topic/69934-sir-forscale-painting-competition/


I'll be painting him up in the traditional Papal Guard colors of dark green and gold, using mostly metallics because SHINY. :wub:


First set of pictures!


EDIT: I can't get my pictures to work; apparently, Google Photos killed Picasa web albums for good sometime earlier this week. :grr:

Have this picture of a cat instead while I try to get it figured out.  <_<




EDIT EDIT: I've found a truly grotesque workaround for now, which I've used for these first two pics. Further pictures in this thread will have to wait until I work out something better.






His tabard and glove are all Reaper paints, starting with Rich Green and highlighting through various combinations of Rich Green, Christmas Wreath, Grass Green and Clear Green, in that order. Before the final Clear Green highlight, I did a Grass Green wash to tie it all together. I may do one final highlight to really make it look nice, but it's decent as-is.


The gold edging is P3 Solid Gold, and it is SO SHINY YOU GUYS HAVE NO IDEA. :wub: I mean, uh, hey look at that awesome NMM I totally did. Yeah.  :ph34r:



--OneBoot :D

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Final progress for tonight! (still using the horrid workaround for sharing pics here; I'll wrestle with it properly tomorrow)






His shield got the same shiny treatment as the tabard; I'm not nearly as pleased with the shading of the green on it, though, and I think it's because I didn't push the highlight in the middle anywhere near enough so it's looking flat instead. Blah.


Question: Was painting the entire back of the shield Sold Gold too much? If so, I can make it green instead, or some other color.


Sword is P3 Radiant Platinum for the blade, and ReaperBryan Steel Sky Steel for the hilt, with a little dot of P3 Solid Gold for decoration.



--OneBoot :D

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I usually do the inside of a shield either in black, some leather shade, or do a wood grain effect. Shields aren't solid metal...they'd be impossibly heavy if they were.


I would love to strangle the Google Geniuses who screwed up the Picassa Albums...preferably after I informed them as to the extent of their stupidity. I'm still using Picassa to up load photos, but my PhotoBucket has become my posting medium.

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I usually do the inside of a shield either in black, some leather shade, or do a wood grain effect. Shields aren't solid metal...they'd be impossibly heavy if they were.


I would love to strangle the Google Geniuses who screwed up the Picassa Albums...preferably after I informed them as to the extent of their stupidity. I'm still using Picassa to up load photos, but my PhotoBucket has become my posting medium.


Yes but think how heavy Forscale's sword would be.


Hmmmm, the last time I used PhotoBucket to post here it seemed to be pretty low rez.  Maybe I did something wrong.

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More progress! (Hopefully everyone can see the two pictures below; I'm giving Imgur a try and I haven't figured it all out yet)






The emblem on his tabard (which I totally missed somehow) is now also P3 Solid Gold.


I couldn't settle on what color I wanted to do on his armor (his chain mail will either be a dark silver or a very dark gold), and decided to see how Reaper Emerald Green would look. I kind of like the effect, but he's very...green. :lol: I'm hoping that once I go back and pick out all of the little details in Solid Gold and paint his chainmail that it will help balance him out. I still need to go back and do 1-2 more coats of the Emerald Green to smooth it out, it's a bit patchy and rough right now. His boots will be the same greens as his tabard, when I get to them.


EDIT: Forgot to mention, I will be going over the back of his shield with something; that big spot of gold is just too distracting. I'll decide what will look best once I get his chainmail taken care of.



--OneBoot :D

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I like the emerald green armour!   I have a frog knight where I have been trying to paint colored metal on him ..green... but I did not think of using the emerald green..DUH!    Now I will have to add that as I think it would be perfect.



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Sorry for the lack of updating; I sort of fell into a painting groove and ended up finishing him rather than posting progress here. :lol:


I put the second layer of Emerald Green on his armor, and put Rich Green on his boots, and also put a second layer of Brown Liner on his chainmail. I can no longer un-see him as Sir Frogscale, thank you robinh.  :upside:



Chainmail! I carefully drybrushed a few coats of Reaper Scorched Metal on over the Brown Liner.

Note to future self: Please do the chainmail first next time; the drybrushing left several tiny bits of glitter on his tunic that refuse to brush off.  <_<






Next, I did all of the fiddly little details in P3 Solid Gold. He looks a bit less frog-like now. I'm especially pleased with how the back of his bracer turned out! :bday:





Boots painted up the same as his tunic; just the belt and base left!



One, two, skip a few steps. His belt and shield straps basecoated in Ruddy Leather, followed by some light touches of Oiled Leather. The ground is Mahogany Brown, followed by increasingly lighter drybrushes of Ruddy Leather, Polished Leather, and Christmas Wreath. His boots also got a fancy little bit of 





And with that, other than sealer, he's do- wait a sec...I forgot his belt buckle. :P Okay, other than that, he's done.


I'm going to use gloss sealer on his armor and shield to make them EXTRA SHINY, then he'll be ready to ship off to ReaperBryan! ^_^ I'll do a Show-off with the final pics.



--OneBoot :D

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The back of the shield is indeed something I wouldn't have done in metal.

As Al pointed out, shields are not 100% metal normally..


Does anyone knows a bit about photobucket?

Mine is 80% full.. I deleted lots of stuff and still 80%???

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    • By OneBoot
      *blows a thick layer of dust off of her tiny corner of the WIP section*
      *sneezes violently*
      Wow, it's been...way too long since I last posted a project here! 
      So, this is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head since Argent was announced, and I've finally gotten around to putting it into action. This is just for fun, and unless it turns out unexpectedly amazing, I don't plan to enter him at ReaperCon, which makes him just right for easing me back into regular painting!
      My original idea was this: I discovered a paint pen that holds the EPITOME OF SHINY CHROME DELICIOUSNESS (search for Molotow Liquid Chrome Marker if you too want to revel in the glorious shiny) (also a shoutout to @LordDave for introducing me to this loveliness!). I already HAVE a shiny metallic dragon in my Ma'al drakar, and I couldn't have two all-metallic gigantic dragons in one household. It would just lead to bickering and drama about who's the favorite and oh-she-smudged-my-scales oh-no-I-didn't-he-started-it and honestly who even needs that? SO I wanted to experiment with painting Argent up using regular paints, then using the paint pen just on select scales and edges as a highlight.
      In my head it looks FREAKING AWESOME.  Buuuut since there's a lot of unknowns about this pen and how well reality will conform to my vision...


      First up, I tried my original plan of regular paint with chrome on the edges of stuff. I slopped these paints:

      onto part of a spare Bones Battleguard Golem, since these are some of the colors I'm planning to use on Argent (haven't fully settled on my color scheme for him, but that'll come later). I forgot to take pictures of that part, so you'll just have to use your imagination!
      Next, I used the chrome pen to try a few things; outlining armor segments, dot highlights, thicker vs. thinner lines, etc. And...none of them actually looked all that good. The chrome is just so very distractingly shiny compared to the matte paint that it just looks...bad.  But that's okay! This is what doing science is all about: trying lots of things and seeing what works! (Also known as "throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks" but I thought that might get kind of messy in this context)
      So, next I tried chroming an entire shoulder section and glazing some of the Clear Phthalo Blue over the top.
      (sorry for the blurry pictures, I may have been quivering from excitement )
      (also ignore the random bits of gold, those are from a previous unrelated experiment)


      This looked...much more promising! Huzzah!
      Which brings me both to the next phase of testing, and my next post because this one has gotten long enough!
      --OneBoot :D
    • By OneBoot
      This is going to be one of the most ambitious projects I've ever attempted, so I thought making a WIP thread would be a good idea.   If everything goes well, I plan to enter this beastie at ReaperCon this year, so fingers crossed!
      This is an idea I've had bouncing around in my head for awhile, and started gathering materials for it last year.
      My plan is to take this lovely critter:

      and rather than using the shipwreck as a base, use half of one of these:

      and paint the Kraken to look all spacey and such.
      So! To that end, I now have one of these!

      I'll just be using the top half for the base, though:

      Which means that the bottom hemisphere is available for...testing.

      --OneBoot :D
    • By Ratmaster2000
      So as I mentioned in my Mr. Bones show off, I painted up Garrick AKA ForScale to be a test run for Matte Varnishing (which didn't happen through airbrush, next time I guess), he did get a brush on varnish which went very well, so without further Ado, here is my take on Sir Forscale (overall he came out well, but his yellow shield IMHO sucks, maybe I just don't do well with yellow) C&C always welcome.

    • By Talae
      I sent Reaper my only painted Sir Forscale for that contest a while back. I need to get another painted for use in pictures as a scale reference.
      The last one was blue and white. I am thinking this ones might need to be red and black with a dark steel metal instead, but I haven't decided yet. Any suggestions or inspiration material?

    • By WhiteWulfe
      I'm a bit delayed on these photos, as I got distracted by various things but pictures are finally taken, even if there's apparently some dust on them now >.>;;;;
      Anyways!  Back in February (Feb 18th to be precise, at least according to messages I'd posted on Discord) I decided I wanted to give speed painting a whirl, in order to try and develop a few techniques that I could then apply to my Skaven horde of doom.  I also wanted to try out a few different mini holders (generic tylenol, as well as Motrin bottles) to see if I'd prefer something like the Mini Holder, or if I could just DIY something, as my current solutions tends to wind up causing my right paw to cramp up after a while, and maneuvering the miniature isn't always the easiest.  Such was partially inspired by the awesome thread @ManvsMini did about custom holders and also a desire to see whether it would be worth splurging on a Hobby Holder with Handle Mod 1.
      Short version is that the Motrin bottles won out, although the generic tylenol bottle was handy because it has a lid that spins more easily...  So technically the Hobby Holder would be able to do both, AND give me a brush rest.
      Anyways, I'm rambling in a show-off thread....  Originally I'd wanted to do just the one mini, but quickly wound up putting two up so I could directly compare the two bottle types I had on hand.  I think I set my goal at "finish a single mini within two hours", and I'd say I pulled that off, since I managed to do two in 2h10min...  So needless to say, rather happy about that!  Oh, it also morphed into some sort of "less than twelve colours used" and "you can only use one 10-well palette, and once a colour is in one, it's committed" challenges too, both of which I was successful with (11 paints total used, including washes, and I sure wound up using all ten wells too).  Not quite sure why I do such, but eh, it was for fun, and I had fun, which is the most important aspect of it all in my eyes!

      ^So first up, obvious is Sir Forscale, aka Garrick the Bold...  In Bones.

      ^And then Juliette, Female Sorceress, also in Bones.
      And since I can't resist, yup, all done with size 0 brushes, because that's pretty much all I had on hand back then.
      So, I have to playfully ask myself, what did I learn, besides the obvious aspect of a fox loves orange and black?  Uhm...  Good question.  I know I did a decent amount of drybrushing, but I also can't even remember if I used any metallic paints or not as it's been a while >.>;;;;
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