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Question about Tablets....

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Since you're used to a Surface, you might like the ASUS Transformer Book Chi that they have in the Microsoft Store. (Can't seem to find it anywhere else.) I tried one out in a physical store and the performance was pretty snappy. Without the keyboard (which detaches) it's super-slim. I'm eyeing it for our daughter because the high school has now got everything online and she's got more and more essays and stuff to do. It's not super-cheap, but then it also runs Win10.

As long as the charging cable lasts, I'll keep using my Surface Pro who I've already upgraded to Win 10 months ago (same for my desktop).


But now I want to try something different, and it will be with an Android. I want to try all those games I keep seeing on TV commercials (rarely available on Windows). I'm hoping any bloatware I find will be manageable (i.e. easy to disable/remove), and you'd be surprised at how many things I consider to be bloatware (I don't need to manage my non-existing music/movie collection).


If you're up for rooting the Android device (this will void your warranty and blah blah blah), you can remove all those pre-installed bloatwares and install useful apps that safeguard your tablet.

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Do I want a 10" screen or will I be content with a 8" one.


This is the question that I always struggle with the most (and I'm already a daily user of my tablet!).


I think it comes down to how you intend to use the tablet.  If you are regularly going to be holding the tablet one handed, then get a 7" or 8" version.  Otherwise, I think it's better to go with the 10" version.  Ultimately, that bigger screen real estate really does make a difference.

Finally stopping by the electronics store narrowed my decisions. I *will* go for a 10" screen.


Now to decide on the specific model. Samsung Galaxy Tabs are easy to find, but other companies also have some nice models.


I do know I want these options:

- High resolution (1920x1080 at least))

- 4:3 screen ratio (or close to it)

- Miracast screen projection.

- Memory card expandable memory.


You got to remember that I already own a functional Surface Pro, so I want something comparable in power or better (which for weight and battery life is already a given).


This will be my leisure tablet. So any productivity will be incidental. :;):

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It's done. Bought myself a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1.


Slowly getting used to it, learning what it can and cannot do compared to my "old" Surface Pro. I had my doubts at first, but it's growing on me. Seriously, having to search the net to figure out how anything works these days because there's no instruction manual is annoying.

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My samsung tablet is the same OS (4.4) as my previous phone, so the learning curve was shared. That helped a ton.


Now I wish it was the new OS, but it still works for what I need, so *shrug*


I feel so bad for my fiancee, because the s7 Edge is so much nicer than the s5 at every level. I'm a smart man and minimize how much she knows this, since she's still got almost a year left on her contract.

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