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Trees are looking good, and the bridge looks really great, looking forward to seeing how these all look put together!

Thanks! Obviously after our discussion Monday, I decided to go ahead with the tree on Gen's base. I am actually really happy with its structure, hopefully the willow leaves turn out alright.


I love those trees and bases!!

Thanks! Hopefully the painting and leaves turn out good.


Bridge looks awesome!


Or something else?


Thanks! The bridge is Hirst Arts pieces from their Fieldstone Bridge mold, #74. I had ordered a few castings to make sure I had enough pieces to do what I want, which was a good thing as this was my third attempt and I still wish I had done a couple of things differently. The grey color is from the Vallejo Sandy Paste that I spread on it to fill in the gaps between the pieces and to give it some texture.

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I have finally started painting. Did some base coats on a few, nothing that warrants a picture though. Most of the progress has been on the elf's skin. The shading is still rough and there is only a little bit of highlighting. There are a few areas that need deeper shadows and most of the highlights need to be done. Also, the bases are all primed.


Any feedback would be appreciated.



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This is looking fantastic I whole heartedly approve ;)





Woah! Bravo on the eyes in one try!  I don't think I've ever or ever will manage that.  Liking the subtle shading on the skin.


I am still surprised I pulled it off, especially as her eyes are tiny.



Looking really good... are you sure you are not done on the skin?


The eyes are perfect.. the looking to the side seems to give her a bit of an attitude which is great!


The skin is close to being done. Just one more highlight in a couple of places, mainly the face. I may play with her back cleavage some more and I have done very little to the hands and feet.

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So progress. The elf's hair is almost done, just need to glaze in some shading. The dark lining is also mostly done and the metallics and leather are base coated. I also have been working on the Kabuki Hunter. Clothes are base coated and I have been working on the skin. I was going to go with white hair but I think I will change it to brown.


Any feedback would be appreciated.



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