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Awesome stuff!

Love the base!





lovely,   I suspect your not done so ignore my suggestions ...  Toad's leather needs some highlights as well as the tummy on the mousling.


The Vampire is the best of the lot but I think the mousling is giving her a bit of a run for the top spot.


No ignoring of suggestions here but yes the leather is only basecoated. It was supposed to be done yesterday but the mousling's cloak took longer than anticipated. The mousling's tummy was done but I will try to get another highlight on it.

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They are Weeping Willow Foilage by MiniNatur. I got mine from Model Display Products and have not seen the Weeping Willow elsewhere. I believe Scenery Express does not have it even though they have the other kinds.

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Excellent work!





LOVE LOVE LOVE that tree and water base. It is very evocative!


Thanks. This base and figure have been paired in my mind for a while. Lets just say it is not called the Blue Fairy for her color alone.

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I am getting so close to being done. Just the metal on the toad and hunter are left. For the bases just skulls and mushrooms, then plants. Will try to ake some quick pics later tonight or tomorrow.

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And done. Blue Fairy will be up tomorrow.


First, DS Anthro Dio: "The Bridge"





I love this one, Mouslings Dio: "The Hunt"





I may have gone overboard with the blood, but I like it and with all those heads it would make sense.

Kabuki: "Reason for Red"





Dark Sword Elf: "Still Needs a Name"





Just thought of a name.

Reaper Vampire: "Graveyard Beauty."



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That is an incredible amount of very high-quality work!  I can't believe you got it all done in time, and especially with such wonderful bases!  Fantastic job!!!   ::):


I still can't believe I finished. I was very close to giving up on the Kabuki one as it is not one of the main pieces I planned and is there for me to toss in my hat for the manufacturer's award.


The bases were fun to do, I love basing. I had a few issues, mainly with the elf's base as I forgot that the tree foliage has the yellow leaves and I did not have time to order a different color. Luckily I had done the yellow glaze on the mini so it ended up working out. I do have a couple of corrections to do on a few bases such as possibly pulling the cotton out more for the spider's web.

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Those are superb! May hit you up for suggestions when I start my base.


Thanks! Feel free to hit me up for suggestions, I would love to help but am still a major lurker here in terms of feedback on others' work.




You've leveled up on your basing skillz yet again! :wow:


Yep, tried a few different things this time and learned a few things as well. Next year I need to branch out and do more non forest bases. They seem to be my default environment.

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