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Lidless Eye

Lidless Eye Hobbies in Frostgrave: The Specialists

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As usual, in the last painting binge, I wound up with a few pieces who didn't group with the others.  They're all intended for Frostgrave, but they're more random Soldiers and encounters than anything else.


Some group shots:






The Barbarian Chief from the recent Gnickstarter:





The Trap Expert and Tunnel Fighter from the same source:








Some random terrain or Treasure Tokens made from old Warhammer standards:




A Bard (Reaper Miniatures)





A rather sinister Apothecary, who started life as a Plague Doctor from Reaper's "Pathfinder" line:





A bandit test mini, made from the Frostgrave Cultists and Warlord Celts:





A Wolf/Dog (Frostgrave official again)





An Imp, via Mantic:





A group of Harad Abrakhan Guard from the GW LotR line, who are intended as heavies for an Arabian Nights themed warband:













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Good stuff!!


Those first 5; the undead fellows--they look like kit bashes from several different manufacturers, yes?

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Good stuff!!


Those first 5; the undead fellows--they look like kit bashes from several different manufacturers, yes?


Yes, they're experiments with the Undead conversion parts that come on the Frostgrave Cultist sprue.


#1 and #3 are with the older Empire kit (though I believe the breastplate is actually an old High Elf), and #2 and #4 are Fireforge Templars.


They also work great with Imperial Guard.  The arms work well with the older Warhammer Goblins and Dwarves too, but they'd need different heads.

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      The other set of first completed miniatures of 2021, miniatures from the Dunkeldorf range from King Games.  Very inspired by Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

      The majority of them are from the newer Prancing Peacock Kickstarter but some selections I made were from the existing line.

      The tables and chairs are cheating, I think they're from Mantic Terrain Crate and were ready already, I didn't back for any of the extra scenery from Dunkeldorf.

      The Tavern Crowd:



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      In my first set of finished miniatures in 2021, a selection of heroes from Stonehaven Adventurers 2020 Kickstarter.  They were primed at the end of 2020 after a end of year arrival, but painted over the last month or so.

      The whole of my finished ones:


      The Orcs:

      My favorite of the set.  They showed her as concept art on Instagram about 3 projects ago, I'm glad to see her in physical form finally.


      The Goblins:




      I got a very Nott the Brave vibe from this one:

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      As every year I make at least one Pit Fighter as a sacrifice to a Mordheim revival, I started out early this year.

      For the holidays, a friend got me the Greenfield Grasshuggers Blood Bowl team, despite me not playing, he said it felt weird to have a team named in my honor but I didn't own it.  So instead, he enabled this horror:

      Out of the cruel depths of Mordheim's cheapest fighting pits comes the never-victor, the eternally battered Halfling Gladiator only known as Bloodytoes!

      The other is an as-is Ogre Gladiator from Knightmare Models.  Delightfully retro.
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      After a certain owner of RBJ Game Company kept trash talking my simple windmill, I decided it was time for an upgrade, because every village game needs a lonely windmill to joust at.

      Everything is printed on an Ender 3.


      Here, Farmer Forscale fills in for his nobleborn cousin (Reaper 77665: Townsfolk)


      Next to the older Windmill, a file from Thingiverse

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      I know I haven't posted in a while, but I still check in daily on the friendliest mini-painting forum on the web!  Still lurking here while pursuing my obsession with OSL. 

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