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Halfling Skeletons


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About this project

One not so fine night Count Von Herbimyre, a notorious vampire, found himself on the run. The enemy was coming perilously close. Where was he? He had to act fast! He needed an army. Coming upon a graveyard he knew he had found his salvation! With foreboding he began to notice a strange theme in this place of the dead. Food, all the tombstone seemed to be decorated in food motifs and remnants of food left for the occupants. No matter, he began the dark rituals necessary to raise the dead. The darkness seemed to intensify, the ground began to rumble. White bones and the newly dead began to break free. First there were arms and hands, but they seemed to be all wrong. Then there were skulls and ribs, they seemed to be amiss too! Closer inspection revealed a devastating truth, Count Von Herbimhyre had found himself in the midst of the land of the halflings, his new army was going to be rather disappointing, an army of halfling undead. Herbimyre shook his putrid head with shame. 

And so begins our journey into the land of the halfling undead! You too can raise forces of the undead halfling alongside Count Von Herbimyre! In this, of hopefully several kickstarters, you too can pledge your support and receive halfling undead troops to raise to do your bidding! 

A grand beginning: While shopping at the site of one of my favorite sculpting artists, I noticed he did commission work. I realized at this point I could get undead halflings made by the illustrious and infamous Bob Olley! Not wishing to stunt his creativity I have tried to limit my suggestions so we can get the purest Bob Olley creations we can (with a few exceptions, it’s hard to keep your fingers out of the pudding!). 

 More Success: With the help of Gary at Iron Mask Miniatures (the maker of snooty, elegantly dressed dwarves) I was able to find a fantastic caster, thus bringing the best representations of Bob Olley’s work to all of us!

Much of the work has been done and I have invested the lion share of the money needed to get this project going.  My plan with kickstarter is help fund the remaining work, see what kind of interest there is in the project, and look into the viability of creating more halfling skeleton units such as halfling skeleton warriors and halfling skeleton spearmen.

Stretch Goals
$ 1000  

At $1000 a Halfling Skeleton Standard Bearer  will replace one figure at the regimental, and horde levels.  At the army level you will get three halfling skeleton standard bearers will replace three standard archers.


$ 1500

At $1500 a Halfling Skeleton musician will replace one figure at the regimental, and horde levels. At the army level you will get three halfling skeleton muscians will replace three standard archers.


$ 2000

All levels will include a free undead chicken!





















4fe8d137e550b282db8d757be919cad7_origina*All Miniatures supplied with 20mm square plastic bases


3188892e51ab17281d4842ae1532aa8e_originaA comparison with a Games Workshop human and halfling.

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I wish there would be a SG for hard plastic versions.


I wonder if he will make Halfling ghouls, zombies and ghosts.

Flesh&Vegetable-Golems made out of food. :-)


I think few undead Ogres would fit also in this theme. Halfings and Ogres are both big eaters. .)

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