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Tabletop Cartographer: Large Scale Fantasy Maps

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Man.. soo many good map KS's lately..




Tiled Maps on a Massive Scale.Huge Art.Naked world ready for your Cities and Empires .Tabletop game mechanics focused on exploration.

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About this project

So we have all heard of a little project called Google Maps.  I was thinking to myself, "Self, if Google can make a map of the world with amazing detail, why can't I make a fantasy world with the same goals: Planetary scale with incredible detail? Why not?"  So, this project was born.

These maps are currently in the black and white phase of production. These maps are perfect for a tabletop game den and they tile together to fit precisely.  Designing tabletop maps this way allows for some incredible flexibility for both playing the game and running the game.

Each map is a digital file suitable for printing at home or professionally.  Map files are 8.5 x 11 inches in 300 dpi Resolution and in their uncolored state they look something like this:   


This map took 8 hours to draw, scan, align to the other map tiles and touch up in Photoshop. I have spent my time expanding the scope of the project, currently no map tiles are colored.

Having control of the printing medium allows you to turn this map project into your own art project.  The project can go a few different ways, you can with exceptional computer resources make a huge, huge map and have a printing company make a huge, huge print for you.  That would cost a lot of money, yet you would have something incredible.  The other side of the project is that you can print using whatever settings you want out of your home computer and tile them on your wall.  This makes for more work hanging the map tiles, yet their are more options aesthetically. Perhaps you will only print a few maps out, the point and strength of this product is that YOU have the control.  The only time things get complicated will be during file manipulation, everything else is a simple arts and crafts project.  Let your creativity soar!

Having no pre-drawn locations (cities, place names) gives you the most flexibility as a Game Master (GM).  This can be your world for your players. Manipulate the files directly, or draw locations on the printed maps themselves, you can go with your personal preference.  

Tiled maps with easy printing also allow you some new game mechanics that can be incorporated into ANY tabletop game. Possible exploration game mechanics your players will keep coming back for:

The GM keeps the maps to themselves, releasing portions of the map that players can then explore.  Players will explore the world, map tile by map tile, each tile full of the mysteries with which the GM fills it. These maps provide great flexibility for running games and add a feel of excitement brought on by an overland adventure.  So you and your players will enjoy the mystery of discovering a huge, detailed world (you don't have to look at all the maps)!  

These lands have been designed for interesting game play. Getting lost on the planet could be a real possibility if a GM controls information carefully.  They can do this by cutting up the map and only giving players portions of the maps (making a sort of jigsaw puzzle) and then giving players only bits and pieces.  An example of a fun mechanic would be giving players a piece of the map when they beat a boss or dungeon area.  This helps in GM planning as well, only designing for a small area of the map.  

GM's also can apply your own game mechanics and ideas, the sky is the limit!  

For all of the coloring enthusiasts out there, the coloring package allows for endless reprinting of the map for endless coloring!

Also, with simple software tools you have the control to modify the maps for your personal use: 

-Expand the map to make it larger and put a clear overlay of hex tiles onto it for your more calculated battles, great for massive army movements which add more choices to player command decisions.  

Note: I may add hex tiles as a standard overlay for maps, it's incredibly easy but i'd rather keep the prospect of a virgin world as the primary point of the project.  

-Edit the maps and add your own features, whatever you want!

After this project ends look for other Kickstarter projects by Seth, as this is the first of many!

Coming soon:

-Picture of a fully colored map tile

-Picture of how tiling works

-Picture of tiling on a wall looking awesome

Stretch Goals?

-Coming soon.  Expect something less 2d and more 3d. Here is a sneak peak:


I Will keep you posted! 

Comments? Questions? Concerns? 

All are welcome and could influence the project, so please participate to your heart's content.

Simple Funding Breakdown:

All funds are going to pay for taxes, fees and hiring artist(s).  The requested funds for the project are based upon other projects that have funded, currently a reasonable market price is unknown for these goods and I am not aware of any direct competition for this product.  

 Thank you!

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