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Miniature's bases

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What do you guys usually do to 'spruce' up the bases instead of keepin them the flat black or w/e they are?


I have some painted ones, and I ended up just covering the base w/ a dark green color, but it still looks kind of bland .. so what kind of things do you guys usually do ?

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Today I saw a Lord of the Ring mini at my gaming store with a pretty cool base.

It's the typical round base but all around the border, the painter engraved the

elvish ruins "one ring to rule them all blah blah.." and painted and polished the

base to look like ivory. very sleek looking

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If you just want a basic base, coat the top of the base with Elmer's or woodglue and sprinkle on flocking material. I usually add a drop or two of the paint that I'm using in for my base with the glue, so it will match.


I heard something interesting that I haven't tried yet, but intend to. Glue sand to your base before you prime. Prime the sand along with your mini, then paint the sand a dark color and drybrush a lighter color on it to finish.

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