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Squad Composition & Faction Doctrine Bonus


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I'm attempting to gather some squad composition questions into a single thread.  From the rules:

  • Attack squads consist of 4-6 CAV and/or Vehicles.
  • SA: Bulky counts a model as two models when determining squad size
  • Faction doctrines are available only if all models in a force are from the same faction

During KS2, a few questions related to squad composition were answered by CAVBOSS:

  1. Q: <Reference to some force composition charts>
    A: ... A CAV/Vehicle squad must have 4-6 models which vary depending on what faction you are or if you choose to go non-faction (merc, pirate, corp security, etc). Bigger models that are bulky count as one model but fill two "slots" and that's were they are off a bit.
  2. Q: @CAVBoss off topic from the final push, but does that mean Bulky just limits the amount you can fit in a single squad? Meaning 2 Despots and 2 Malefactors make a legal squad taking all six slots for four models? Three Despots would be illegal since that's only three models to six slots
         (note: I made a mistake in my question, as the Malefactor is also bulky)
    A: Yes to both rules questions

A few other posters have mentioned that CAVBOSS made comments at CAVCON that mixing CAV and Vehicles in an attack squad (outside of a Specialist squad?) would prevent a faction doctrine from being available.  From Question 2 above, there's a slight problem with this reasoning:  both the Malefactor and Despot have SA: Bulky.  If you can only have 6 "slots" in a vehicle-only attack squad, there would be no legal way to field a vehicle-only attack squad for the Rach.  They only have two attack vehicles and they're both bulky, so you can't get to five vehicle "slots" out of 6 with the attack task and have 4 models.


The Force Manager matches the three items from the rules above, but does not match the need for four physical models, only four "slots".  It enforces a six "slot" maximum by default.


So, for CAVBOSS (or anyone who can clarify), could you help clarify what is required for legal squads and what is required of squad composition to use faction doctrines?



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For faction doctrine based forces, they must follow the TO&E laid out for each faction in their description. So a Terran attack squad (Turma) would be required to have either x5 vehicles or x5 CAVs. They could not mix or match accept for a Specialist Squad (this a catch-all squad if needed). Now with that being said, for your home games you can do it how ever you want, I'm just giving you the "legal" requirements for tourney or organized play.


As far as the SA: Bulky requirement. We are nixing that in the new errata add-on. It will no longer apply to force group composition, just transport purposes. I feel at this point if you want to put together a x4 Emperor attack squad that the TV cost will be a self-correcting problem. It is getting in the way of squad design more than it is keeping people from building a "crunchy" force.


The Force Manager Program will be getting an update pushed out to fix it as well to get everything on the same page and I apologize for the confusion.

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