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Base Boss by Reaper


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I am looking for larger bases that smaller bases can fit into with out raising up the mini.


Such as


1/2" base can fit into a 3/4" base

3/4" base can fit into a 1" base

1" base can fit into a 2" base

2" base can  fit into a 3" base

3" base can fit into a 4" base

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The PM doesn't calculate for me either but there's plenty of time before the launch. I'd love to see some simple flagstone or dungeon floor textured bases. Nothing extravagant. Something similar to the SDE bases but in 1" 2" & 3" sizes. That would make re-basing all of these dungeon crawl board game minis a piece of cake. 


Absolutely.  I'm itching for a Reaper Kickstarter and would love something like that.  Flagstone, dungeon floor, cobblestones, cavern floors.  Planks.  Standard stuff. 

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Bugger. I typoed the link.


Once again I learn not to push code live at 5:55 on a Friday. not even simple links.


Reapermini.com/baseboss not reapercon.com


I'll come to work tomorrow and fix the links. *sigh*

I have more bad news for you, ads for this on non-reaper sites also went live yesterday afternoon. Got a banner ad for it on rpg.net.

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But what's a freedom base?!?!??

Maybe a ring, so no center, and you are free to fill it with what you want?


Maybe a free dome base with each core set?


Maybe a base shaped like a eagle? Carrying a sword and a beer?


Maybe a base with a lot of smaller segments where you can snap off extra bits to get the shape you really want?


Maybe a base shaped like Freedom Fries?


Maybe each Reaper order from now on will contain a random letter base, and when you collect enough of them to form the word "freedom" you can send the bases in and receive a promotional-only eaglebear miniature for free?


Edit: Because autocorrupt believes the proper spelling of "eagle" is "beagle".

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