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Base Boss by Reaper


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Glad to hear something. This KS had bad communication long before Bones 3 fulfillment. I hope they do a lot better going forward. I for one do not like being treated like this when I spend my money.  I would like to know just why they let this one be run so poorly. from the start.  I repeatedly asked for update asked for base counts but they could not or would not reply. If it was just Bones 3 I could see but what about before Bones 3 started shipping? 

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2 hours ago, Sirithiliel said:

My order has received postage



If I'm reading my pledge manager page correctly, I'm apparently one of "those" people who didn't finalize their pledge properly so I'll get mine eventually...  /facepalm At least my address is correct!  And yes, I have sent a message to Reaper.  I will wait for the kind folks there to deal with you good people who can follow instructions.  :blink:


Edit: And postage confirmation received.  Maybe I'm just crazy.  Happy my flat, plain plastic shapes are on their way!!

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1 hour ago, terminalmancer said:

Sureposted for next Wednesday, a week from today. Hey, that works--we'll even be home for it!


I wonder what I'm getting. It's been so long, I don't remember what the "new round bases" option even was. Ha!


new bases that are round?


75x 32mm

24x 50mm

16x 55mm

8x 80mm

8x 100mm

6x 130mm

4x 160mm



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