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14481: Galdanoth, Elf Sniper


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Absolutely amazing work!  He's awesome!  Everything on him is really wonderful, but especially his face.


Thank you! I really appreciate it!

Good palette choice.


The softer hair tones clash with the rest of the bolder choices, as it seems to blend with the skin, but solid all the same.


Thanks, incidentally both the skin and hair was painted using the exact same colours but with different ratios.


I love the hair and the armor!!!


Great work!


Thanks! Glad you like it.

Great colour choices.


Thanks man. I aim to use as much saturated colours as I can.


OUTSTANDING! The Pointy Eared Warrior is BEAUTIFULLY painted in a WONDERFUL array of colors. Metals, face, & wood grain, not necessarily in that order, are favorite features. VERY WELL DONE!


Thanks man! Still figuring out how to paint wood grain.


Really nice job! Love the way the armor came out!


Thanks! the steel parts were a joy to paint, the other parts, not so much.

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You should submit to the Inspiration Gallery.  There's only one other painted version of him in there, and yours would make a great addition.  



Seems like a good idea. I may do just that. I am glad that you think so highly of my work. Thank you.

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