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Adding some spice to Dwarven Forge village...

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Thanks! Appreciate it!


I continued trudging along with some inhabitants this week


The bartender, who I've nicknamed "The Donald."


"I'm tellin ya. Right now. We can stop the terrorists. You want to know how? Two things. First, you build a wall. That's right. It'll be HUGE. Second, you gotta stop the immigration. That's right. Keep the bad guys out. That's how. We'll make Faerun great again! It'll be HUGE."






For the record, I never, ever, ever want to try to paint a striped shirt again. Good grief.


Another inhabitant of the village. "The pudgy prior."






Honestly I can't figure out if he's waving at someone or saying "Talketh to the Hand, thine heathens!"


I finished some more of the dwarven forge sets and made a larger diorama.






"The penultimate battle of the half-painted minis!" (All of my finished figures are at the office, where we game on the weekends...)






Torn down to first level 




Now yesterday I transplanted the bulk of this to the office and set it up as an encounter. 


The little "keep" was basically a gate-house to an underdark entrance, where the characters have to rescue captured nomadic folk from an ugly fate with deep dragons (purple dragons). The locale is currently set in the Shaar, in Forgotten Realms, and this is an old "grown" entrance (created with geomancy stolen from the elves), dating back to the Imaskari Empire. While a correct touch would have been very weathered and old, it made due. 


The party was supposed to infiltrate and investigate what the Cult of the Dragon is doing with the people they captured. 


When I had this on the table and the party arrived, there were just a handful of guards at the entrance.


They spent THREE FRIGGING HOURS debating on whether to run away, try to talk their way through, attack, etc. 


This setup - even with five guards and a young dragon standing guard, scared the living heck out of 'em. :)


(They're mid level so the guards shouldn't have made them break a sweat at this point in the campaign.)








It was great. I've never seen the party so timid before. They're usually of the "run in and murder everything" mindset.

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Oh that'd be Penny and Lucifer. 


Penny is my friend's brown mutt (no idea what her breed is, she's a rescue) and Lucifer is my pureblood Irish Wolfhound.


This is an older pic from earlier this summer (a few months old; Lucifer was about 5 months at the time)




And this is Lucifer on his 8 month birthday, on August 16th






He gives big hugs. :)


8 months old, he is enormous, but still has quite a bit of growing to do!

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Also, a bit of humor with that dragon. Not very clear in the pics above but I happened to take a pic of just those two...


She's under control.


This kid is throwing rocks at her. 


Pretty soon she'll tuck tail and run!




(One of these days I'll get 'em both finished. As I said, it's the "great battle of the half painted miniatures!")

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Also on the daughter front... when I took the city stuff to the office to play Saturday she absolutely, positively GLARED at me.


I looked at her, quickly panicked, and said "don't worry, Raven, I'll be bringing it back!"


True to my word I brought every piece home with me.


Today after school, I took it a step further, and showed her what all the strange shaped dice were all about.


We got out a pencil, some paper, and started going through the character creation process. Before you know it, she's rolling her first dice...


... And a high elf druid was born! 


Tomorrow, after school, we'll run through a little adventure together. You see, I brought more than the village set back with me. I brought some monsters, too. In fact, I brought a great deal of miniatures home with me, that the current campaign has no need for, considering they have progressed to mid-level encounters... kobolds.. and goblins.. and orcsies.. and other nefarious creatures!


The little girl druid with the wanderlust is about to return home to her village, to visit her family, to find things have... changed... just a little, since she went away... 

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