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The undead legions begin their march

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So I started working on painting my undead army for Kings of War. It's going to take me a LONG time to get everything done at the pace I'm going. This is figure #1 of at least 150, probably closer to 200.
The first mini I decided to start with is one of my hero units, Lady Ilona. She's a Mantic sculpt, cast in their resin plastic or whatever they call their "non-resin," non-polystyrene, castable plastic. I got her primed the other day, and laid down some basic colors to sort of get the ball rolling last night. I realized after I'd started painting that I'd apparently not really prepped her and I missed a rather prominent mold line in her torso, her arm, and her feet. They're going to just stay there, because I've got a second copy of her that I can do up later if I feel like being neurotic over it. As it is, I'm aiming for "better than a prepaint" quality, and I think I'm at least meeting that even if I don't get all the seam lines. After all, I've got a ton of these things to do and I can't be spending too much time fussing over a single one.
First was her skirt and cape. The cape is straight Khorne Red from GW, while the skirt is a 3:2 mix of Reaper Imperial Purple and Fresh Blood.
Next up, I decided to try my hand at doing the eyes, followed by coloring in the skin a bit and blocking in her hair. As is usual for me, the eyes look like crap. She's got kind of a lazy eye/cross-eyed thing going on and one is obviously bigger than the other. Eye whites are Reaper Maggot White, irises are Ultramarine Highlight. Flesh tone is Vampiric Shadow, which doesn't really show up well beside the primer gray, while the hair is Walnut Brown.
And, to finish up, I blocked in most of the rest. While I'm pretty sure her dress is supposed to be a one piece deal, I decided to do the upper half in a different color. In this case it's P3 Coal Black, which is more of a very dark turquoise color. The sword blade is just a coating of Brown Liner in preparation for metallic silver of some sort. The shoes and belt got a coating of Vallejo Leather Brown, while the buckle was done in Vallejo Silver. Her arms got themselves a coat of Reaper Rainy Gray in preparation for some metallic or another, probably a silver but possibly a gold or brass. Maybe I'll try my new Scorched Metal on it, since it's getting delivered today.

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Ok, so I think I've pretty much finished Lady Ilona. I tried to highlight her skin up through the Reaper Vampire Skin triad, gave her lips of Reaper Blushing Rose, and touched her teeth with Shattered Bone. Her arms got done in GW Leadbelcher with gloves of Vallejo leather brown. I touched up the base coat on her dress, then for the skirt I gave the bottom hem thing(the slip? Underskirt? I dunno) a coat of Nightmare Black while lightening the main portion with an eyeballed color that I'm going to guess was probably about a 1:1 of Imperial Purple and Fresh Blood, if not a 2:3. The sword hilt and crossguard got to be my first use of Scorched Metal, and I liked it enough that I decided to use it for the rivets and little end pieces on her belt as well. Then I messed with the hair a bit by eyeballing a mix of Blackened Brown and Intense Brown. The sword blade got GW Leadbelcher and GW Ironbreaker.


I'm aware that my lighting needs work, because my pics tend to come out darker. I thought these would come out better than they did, but I guess I need to work on my positioning a bit.










Once I got done with her, I did a bit of work on some of my Wraiths, also Mantic sculpts. With these I just laid down a coat of Khorne Red for their robes. They're going to be simple basecoat/wash/drybrush minis, since they're just random troops. I can't afford to spend a lot of time on the chaff like I can with singular units like Ilona.






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