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Yeah, the limited palette works. How intensive is it?


It's mostly metallics mixed with different amounts of black, along with slight weathering of brown and grey.


Here is a quick writeup I posted earlier.:


In order to make this effect, I made my own little bottle of paint. But of course, mixing the paint on the fly, works, too! The recipe is about 15% silver, and the rest black. One brush worth of silver, to three brushes of black if mixing on the fly.
# Start by grounding the miniature matt-black.
# Apply the metallic-black paint you just mixed all over the miniature.
# Drybrush the entire miniature with a darker silver-tone. Something akin to Boltgun metal.
# Take the brightest silver you have to highlight scales, make claws stand out, and pick out other details.
# Use black wash on the bright silver areas, and any other areas that became too.. Silvery(?) during the drybrushing.
# Finally, take an appropriate coloured paint (I used brown) and a bristled brush to stamp on some dirt and wear.
Should probably note that due to the metallic shine, I'd recommend using matte spray to seal the miniatures. Gloss removes a lot of detail, and is just.. too much.. Glossiness?
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Somewhere thereabout. Point is to add metallic shine to the black paint, without it turning greyish silver, while still enough so it's not just glossy black. :P It has to contrast with the dark, boltgun metal. Which again is highlighted with the pure silver. Then you can add additional depth with for example Nuln Oil or other black wash in creases.  

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