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Tengu Rogue (more like Ranger) 03698

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Love the brown feathers!!!

Thanks! It is mostly Reapers Harvest Brown and highlights of it. I like the orangy-ness and the bird colors. I originally was going to paint it as an oriole.

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One person's "rogue" is another's ranger, fighter-wizard, or whatever you want.  Sometimes it's better if you don't notice the official title.  (Cue the old story about the person who wouldn't buy the figure labeled "ranger" because his character is a fighter who uses a bow.)


You've achieved a very nice woodsy effect with your choice of colors.  I like the subtlety of your choices in the greens and browns (orange-brown, red-brown, purple-brown...), the woodgrain on the bow, the texture of the feathers, and the flower on the scabbard.


This was a figure that I designed and sculpted, so I really appreciate your note of "elegant".  I made the surfaces simple so you would have a chance to show off your brushwork, add some freehand, etc.


Thanks for sharing!

(Sorry for not replying until now.)



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Nice! I have mostly seen him painted black so it is nice to see your version. I like how you tied warm colors on the mini with your autumn leaves on the base. Very nice. I think he makes a great ranger!

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Thanks! My putty skills are limited to filling in gaps, so i always admire what you sculptors can do (and try my best to do sculpts justice when painting.)

My friend was extremely happy with the model. I woodsy themed all of his tengu which gave him a different story he never would have thought of before. 

I was hoping reaper would use it as one of their website sale models, but i guess they already have a nicely painted one :)


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Great clean work. 


I like the subtle highlights on the armor. 

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    • By Inarah
      Picked this guy up at a paint and take somewhere.  He was primed black and this is as far as I got without my glasses. 

      Fiddled around with him some more recently.  Experimented with some Contrast paints and various glazes.  Calling it done. 

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      Have painted up the free mini for this month. Lots of character, but not too much detail. Went for a 'goody' colour scheme. 

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      We're starting a new 5th Ed D&D campaign in a couple weeks.  I decided I might play a rogue, so I wandered down to the LFGS at lunch and looked at what was there (because I obviously have NO miniatures already I could use).
      Spotted the Tabaxi Rogue female pack from WizKids (I like the sculpts and poses of the female figs more than the male ones) so that's going to be my next character.

      Cool fig, primer isn't too bad.  Some nasty mold lines but I only have a week to paint this so I'm not messing with them.  Maybe after I'll clean up the "advanced" version and do a better job on her.
      And after some time fiddling with colours.

      Well, that looks a mess.  Just figuring out colours.
      Skin base is MSP Alien Flesh.  Cloth is MSPB Succubus Kiss. Had AV Model Air Black handy so used that to start base coating metals.  And leather is MSP Leather Brown.  Still not sure on the leather but I'll give it some time to think about it and maybe try a wash on it.
    • By lazarp
      I've got this mini in the legend of drizzt board game last december and I just hated it right off the bat. The weird pose, lack of details, undefined face, I could go on... Also, something that was quite striking about it was the lack of feminine detalis and a kind of a masculine look of the female ranger  It looked to me more like a man dressed as a female ranger, and I found that quite funny and promising!

      As I've thought more about it, it reminded me of Doris from "Sherk" and Okama characters from "One Piece", which I both love!

      So those characters inspired me to paint Catti in a similar fashion, which I believe gave the mini much needed character. I like how it turned out and I think she will make an interesting pc or npc in our dnd campaign! 

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      And good evening again!
      And quite in contrast to the other figure I just posted, this little thief is quite a bit more sensibly attired, covering herself up relatively decently I'd say.
      I think this is also sculpted by Dennis Mize, but not 100%.  
      Once again, as per usual, my hardest decision is always colors, so used Terran khaki for her main skin color and kept some cool colors with her wardrobe mostly.
      The only thing that didn't really work out like I wanted was that on her boots she had laces going up them, but I just kind of highlighted them a little and didn't do anything with them, because her left leg is bent down so much, even though they were sculpted there I couldn't really reach them very well.  Other than that though pretty happy with how she came out.  

      She has sort of an odd vest that is open in the front and then ties closed in the back, but at the end of the day that's how she was sculpted, so just obeyed the sculptor!
      Once again, may she not be painful upon your eyeballs!
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