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Tengu Rogue (more like Ranger) 03698

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One person's "rogue" is another's ranger, fighter-wizard, or whatever you want.  Sometimes it's better if you don't notice the official title.  (Cue the old story about the person who wouldn't buy the figure labeled "ranger" because his character is a fighter who uses a bow.)


You've achieved a very nice woodsy effect with your choice of colors.  I like the subtlety of your choices in the greens and browns (orange-brown, red-brown, purple-brown...), the woodgrain on the bow, the texture of the feathers, and the flower on the scabbard.


This was a figure that I designed and sculpted, so I really appreciate your note of "elegant".  I made the surfaces simple so you would have a chance to show off your brushwork, add some freehand, etc.


Thanks for sharing!

(Sorry for not replying until now.)



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Nice! I have mostly seen him painted black so it is nice to see your version. I like how you tied warm colors on the mini with your autumn leaves on the base. Very nice. I think he makes a great ranger!

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Thanks! My putty skills are limited to filling in gaps, so i always admire what you sculptors can do (and try my best to do sculpts justice when painting.)

My friend was extremely happy with the model. I woodsy themed all of his tengu which gave him a different story he never would have thought of before. 

I was hoping reaper would use it as one of their website sale models, but i guess they already have a nicely painted one :)


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      I tried priming with a 1:1 mix of Blue Liner:White Brush On Primer.  There were a few mold lines and casting valleys that showed up.  I put a layer of Brush On Sealer on them.  We’ll see how that worked.
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      Merisiel, Iconic Rogue.  The original artwork is very good but this is one of the early Bones models that did not translate well to the medium.   She flops over, the weapons did not come out well, and much of her detail is guesswork.  I even had to sculpt her a nose because she didn't come with one.  I tried to follow the artwork more or less, but it wasn't worth the effort to spend too much time on her. 



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