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Super Kingdom Death Explore!


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Thanks.  That little diorama was the start of the whole thing.  I'm glad that I realized that I wanted to keep the minis playable before I made it (I magnetized them in there).


*one of the things I love about the game are those check boxes you fill whenever you lose a settlement.  If enough of your people are killed off, you start off finding some of the remains of previous settlements.  Oh, and the starting white lion gets fat.

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When creating a full Chibi Kingdom Death set, I found that a number of the larger Kingdom Death monsters already had large heads  (or head like areas).  In some cases, no actual modifications were needed to turn them into Chibi Kingdom Death creatures.

When I'm creating chibi characters, I tend towards some of the more official color schemes.  It helps the characters to be recognizable.  However, with the unmodified monsters, it makes more sense to approach them with a brighter pallet (and go for chibi eyes).


So, here is my Gorm- in strong purples. I painted the eyes similar to the way that I paint Chibi Zombie eyes.  I also decided that the head stalk wasn't a great spot for a light source unless I wanted the mini to be mostly in darkness, so I opted for a second eye instead.


Her's all ready to dismember cute little survivors.


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I've been showing off the conversions from my Chibi Kingdom Death set for a while now- but I realize that I've neglected to post up good pictures of the survivors that I've made.

Here is a group of them.  Since this is an ongoing project, I'll be continuously making more, so there will never be a final "all of them together" post.

The conversions range between custom basing and extensive resculpting.




Alistair uses the head from Sebastian Cross- I had an extra since I used Cross' body for my Kingsman.  His body comes from a Mistmourn Shaman, with his skirt sculpted on, and his weapons come from Kingdom Death sprues.


I really liked the idea of painting his eyes to match the prologue, even though he's clearly a Lantern Year 2+ survivor (since he's not barefoot, and has a bone blade).





For Zachary, I wanted a survivor that was a little more muscular than scrawny Alistair, so I used the body from Yokozuna (I still have the head for making a Sun Priest later).




Rail Raiders Infinite's Rhinestone took me by surprise.  She just looked perfect for Kingdom Death, and just needed a color scheme that would work with the set.




It seemed wrong not to make a version of the crossover Candy and Cola for my Chibi Kingdom Death set.  The head comes from Candy, and I found the best body to start from was a Shrine Ninja Kunoichi.  Much of her skirt is sculpted on.


I would have put Cola on her skirt, but I got to thinking that he should be his own survivor.  I haven't finished his conversion yet, but I'll make sure to share it.




The Plague Doctor doesn't seem like the most natural mini to make for Chibi Kingdom Death.  I was looking through my bits box one day, and I found an old Rackham goblin, and I could see all of the conversion that I'd need to make.


For his color scheme, I decided to make a tribute to the Shovel Knight villain/hero Plague Knight.  I'll probably do a couple other Shovel Knight characters as well (Specter Knight would make a good survivor as well).

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