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On 9/21/2019 at 11:30 AM, Talae said:

How much of the Core Game are you up to in Chibi form now?

I've got all of the core game monsters in Chibi except the Gold Smoke Knight.  I've got several expansion monsters finished as well.

I'm still missing a few- especially the Slenderman and Lion Knight.  I'll get those, though.

I really appreciate it when other sculptors take up the mantle and make a wonderful chibi version of a Kingdom Death characters too.

This miniature was sculpted by Brian Phelp[s of Chibitriot Creations, and I had a great time painting him.  Obviously, he fits right in.

I did not use the base that Brian made for him (I’ve been making so many face bases, I figured I’d just use my own).


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I've got a couple more older ones that I missed posting for some reason..  Neither of these are super new, but I hadn't realized that I missed posting them.

The Warrior of the Sun has always been one of my favorite characters from KDM.  I entered this at Reapercon last year and got a gold medal for it:



And while Cola's presence in Kingdom Death is usually as an accessory to the Candy miniature, I decided that he'd do fine as his own survivor.  I started painting this at Reapercon last year as well, but I didn't finish it until I got home.



I've got more recent ones to post, I just need to get all the photos sorted out.

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The Mountain Man is a Kingdom Death character that is still a ways away from hitting our gaming tables. He was part of the Kingdom Death resin range and later added to the KDM 1.5 Kickstarter as the final showdown for the Inverted Mountain campaign.

So far, we only know a little bit about him aside from the fact that he resides at the top/bottom of the inverted mountain. And that he makes a great chibi.

This is a Chibi Kingdom Death mini that I made for a collector. I have plans to make a second one for my set, but I haven’t gotten around to it just yet.



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