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Workshop with Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee)


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Thought I would share about the weekend classes with Alfonso Giraldes (Banshee), that are planned for across Canada.

I'm taking the one in Vancouver (Surrey). I really wanted to goto Reapercon, but it's not to be this year.

So, I challenged myself to goto something, and this opportunity came up! I'm really excited.


There's still seats available (I think) but Mathieu will know about availability.


You can look up Mathieu Fontaine on Facebook.... (Studio Mathieu Fontaine)

Here are the cities & dates:

Vancouver - Oct.15-16

Montreal - Oct. 22/23

Winnipeg - Oct. 29/30

Calgary - Nov. 5/6


Figured I would share on here, cause I think there are quite a few Canadians, and near to Canada, U.S.A. peoples, who might be interested.

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Have fun! Learn lots! Sounds like it should be a great experience.

I don't take my painting that seriously, so it's not for me, but I am curious, who is hosting the Surrey event? I'm not aware of any significant painting community in the area.

Oh I plan on it, hopefully I can pick up something that works with my techniques, always fun to watch master painters- they make it look so easy! Then you go for it and it's like yeah, right can I see u do it again?

I'm not sure it's actually being hosted by any specific organization. It seems to me, but I can be totally wrong, that Mathieu, who knew Alfonso, created the idea and has had people he knows? Or volunteers in each of the provinces, find places to hold, etc.

I think that is why it's in Surrey, the head person here, must have a place. We actually don't have an address, yet - but it is given closer to the actual date.

I'm not even familiar with any miniature painting organizations that are in the lower mainland, heck for supplies I goto to Richmond - Imperial.....other than them, I'm not aware of any stores that even carry any large selection of miniatures or basing stuff.


SIGH :down:

Nothing East of Quebec! :grr:

Yeah I'm very lucky, it's like virtually in my back yard/city. Guess Montreal is too far from where you are?


<---- JEALOUS!!!

Hey aren't you going to Reapercon? Cause then sorry, I'm the jealous one! One day I will get there....

Don't get me wrong, totally excited to learn from Alfonso, but Reaper is like 8 classes with 8 different Masters?!

And the other thing is that I feel like I know some of you from the forums, etc. I'm probably going to be the only female, and haven't gone to anything in this type of education before....so just a tad intimidating, kinda.....

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