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Mashaaf, Great Old One (Bones) (77375)

Chris Palmer

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Thanks, ub3r!



Good work, the colour palette you used is really nice, makes it be realistic and creepy.


Thanks!  I tried for a more real-world natural camouflage look to it.


that eye is amazing. how did you get those results?


Thank you.  I painted them black, then added a single white pinpoint highlight dot to each one.  After I gave the figure it's final coat of Dullcote spray; I went back and applied a brush-on gloss varnish to each eye.


Very nice. The eye 's contrast adds nice interest, but I really like the Browns used on the back of the stone texture.


Thank you! It's hard to see, but I used the same colors on the base that I used for the stone-like back texture, and the the circular pustule things, to try and make it look like it had evolved to blend in with it's surroundings. 


Very nice, I really like the colors. And the glossy eyeball adds a nice creepyness to it.


Thank you!  It wasn't intended at the start, but those black eyeballs ended up really standing out against that earth tone color scheme.

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That's pretty nifty!  I particularly like how it looks like a rock-strewn path from the top view as if it could just lie in wait for its prey due to its natural camouflage.


Thanks, Pippin! Yes, I can just see it burrowing into the sand, waiting to feel the pressure of a footfall on it's back. :)



So gross and disgusting looking. In a good way.


Thanks, Jessie!  I'm glad its in a good way. :)



It looks like a great big maggot with rocks for a back.  I'll agree that it's gross.  Ugly, inhumane...


Exactly as it should be!  Great work!  The basing is quite nice too!


Thank you, Darkmeer!   And thanks for the kind words regarding the base.  I don't know if I mentioned it anywhere, but I glued the base that comes with the figure to a CD.  It fits perfectly. :)

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