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Neo Tyrannis Cityscapes (scifi micro armor terrain)


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Some skyscrapers for your Big Shooty Tanks and Big Stompy Robots.




These are being marketed as 6-10mm scale, which seems like a large variance but I couldn't say if it matters or not. In the original Polyversal kickstarter these buildings were in the addons, but they didn't make it into the remade kickstarter which made me sad. So I'm happy these buildings are making a return.

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I saw them at Gencon, and the models look pretty cool, but the pledge levels are kind of odd.


I know it says that it's for "flexible pledging", allowing you to spend your funds on the items you want, but it creates kind of an odd optimization/puzzle problem.

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Following this.  I'm interested, and they are certainly very nice looking, but shipping cost for stuff that big is never nice, and even though it's decent value, it's still a good chunk of change.  We'll see what they can do with freebies to sweeten the deal down the road.


Edit:  Shipping cheaper than I thought it would be, I'm in.

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