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If she's a cleric, I'd really hate to meet one of their high priestess...


I've posted a few pics of her before, in my 'Gadgetman! is messing with paints' thread, and even in the SirForscale competition thread, but now that she's finished, she wanted her own thread.

(I've been working on her for a couple of weeks now. Speed painter? who, me? )








Can I remember which colours I used?

Fur is AP Monster Brown, with the mane and snout getting a hit of MSP Dragon Black.

Leatherwork is MSP Bones 09428 Saddle Brown. I kind of like the red tint of this.

Her weapon is MSP Honed Steel and Blackened Steel, with a bit of Adamantium Black smeared liberally here and there on the ball.

The Armor is AP Weapons Bronze, with the spikes more Blackened Steel. The belly portion I think is more Honed Steel.

Her cloth is MSP Bones Heraldic Red.

The Base got hit with Desert Sand, some Moss green and Lichen Green.

The wash used on her armor and on the base is Coat D'Arms Superwash Dark Brown.

The whatever it is hanging on her hip is hanging by something painted in carrottop Red, with Orange Highlight.

The roll on her back?

It was basecoated with Dragon Black... the rest is lost in a fog...

A couple of jewels were made with Tamiya Clear Red.

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  Firstly, let me admit that I am scare-roused...


  Then, understand I am in no way an expert...


  While the colors are great and precise, to my eye there is opportunity for shading/highlighting almost everywhere.


  Almost every color is in need of more variation.


  I don't often critique this way, so feel free to disregard, I would say you have an absolutely fantastic base coat on this model!




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