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Reaper Bones Shadow Hound (SKU 77366)

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Very nice!


When I'm up to painting again, I need to do something similar to that but I'll be painting the Shadows (4 of them!). What colors did you use? I'm looking at going with Tamiya clear blue myself. thou I may experiment first.


Awesome job

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It has been almost 2 months since I painted this, but I will try to remember what paints I used.


I am fairly certain I "primed" with brush on sealer, and that the primary purple used was Reaper 9023 Imperial Purple.  The darker areas has Reaper 9280 NIghtmare Black (a wonderful very dark blue), and the brighter blue was Nightmare back mixed with white I think.  Hope this helps.

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that may be my favorite version.  you should post to it  inspiration gallery

I agree. This is an extremely nice version of this mini. Thanks for sharing the paints used.
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I'm generally NOT fond of transparent minis (I have painted most of mine from Bones 1... opaque).  This is well done, and it fits together nicely.  That, and it makes me want to paint one similarly (scribbles into the seventh notebook of "minis I need to pick up at some point").

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