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Freeblade Trillian Enforcer


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OK. So this is my maybe 5th or 6th Fantasy mini. I've typically done Mecha/CAV/Etc. Some parts I'm satisfied with, others not so much. These are for gaming not display but I also don't just want to slob the paint on as I want to attract new players.


I was going for white hair. I guess it turned out ... OK.

Still need the right hand and sword but wanted to call the rest good before I attached it. Base is not yet done but will be finished.


Soooo, thoughts and critiques welcome. I want to steadily improve and I have somewhat thick skin so feel free to share.



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 Mix up something between your highlight color and your base coat for the grey and give it a glaze, should probably smooth them out a bit without screwing up the contrast, which is good. I'd probably bring up the highlights on the green part a bit, as well.

The eyes are well done, and very visible, but the bottom lids are a little bit too low and a bit too rounded. I personally think that getting the right shape is more important to getting the eyes to look good than having them the right size or even in exactly the right place.The edges of the upper and lower lids should be roughly the same shape. Eyes are sort of almond-shaped, with fairly sharp corners, and the lower lid generally crosses the eye right at the bottom of the pupil. When painting the eyes on a figure a bit larger than they were actually sculpted, a lot of folks bring the lower edge too far down onto the cheeks, and sometimes onto the sides of the bridge of the nose. Looking at this guy's face, if you split the distance between where the lower lids are now and the bottom of his pupils that'd be a good place to do the line for the lower eyelid... (Essentially, if you painted another dark line (with a slightly flatter curve to it) just above the one that's there now, and then brought the edge of the skin color up to where the current dark line is, it'd probably look pretty good.)

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