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Dark paints some Chaos Dwarves

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So, in the August painting goals, I noted I had entered 5 miniatures into a contest.  In fact, it was the Golden Hat over at Chaos Dwarfs Online (CDO for short). 


Here are my originals that I entered into the Golden Hat. 


and back


Eventually I'll get better at photography.  A multi-year struggle is what it appears to be, although the summer months seem to be more kind to me...


These were painted in 2 weeks (normally such work takes a week or so per figure), but I read the contest late and pushed myself to paint faster.  I may yet go back and touch them up, but I'll call them mid-low tabletop and be happy right now.


C&C welcome, as always.



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No Dullcoat, but here are the individual shots:


I'll say that these are not the best models I've painted in a while.  But they are far from the worst.








Musician (note, I broke the hilt of his sword off, the resin is very brittle):






Raised Bull Shield (best picture I could get of him was the most important, but no front views came out):






Anvil Shield Guy:







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      Picture them in your head. Crazy, evil cultists. Secret meetings, twisted plots, midnight masses in service of the unthinkable. Got it? What color are their robes?
      I'm about to start painting a group of cultists and I'm having trouble deciding on a color. I don't want the color to be indicative of their allegiance, I want them to be able to stand in for any group of evil cultists.
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      Here's another group fresh off the paint table, a grouping of naughty nasty Dwarfs from Ganesha Games "Advanced Song of Blades & Heroes: Axe and Brimstone" Kickstarter.

      I've painted them in gray skin tones, that way they can double up as Duergar, or be used as Warhammer Chaos Dwarves who are a bit far into the Curse of Stone.

      The whole horde:

      A Screaming Face Axeman:

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      A converted Champion, using the Possessed Champion body, Chaos Marauder Shield, a Marauder Horseman head, an axe off a Chaos Cultist Champion, and a sculpted cloak to cover up a gap, and also it was the same week PETA protested Warhammer.

      The Hellfire Caster:

      The Hellchain:

      The Demonslayer.  This guy is actually supposed to be one of the good Dwarves aligned with the Halfling Villagers of the set, but with his demonskull hat, he seems to work as a worshiper as well.

      The Priestess on Hell-Disk:

      The Fusilier, dong his best Jawa impersonation:

    • By malefactus
      Returning home from H&R Block, who should I find waiting for me but The Taxman. In this case a miniature Taxman & his Associate painted by our own Darkmeer AND generously sent to me to make life miserable for the Poor Folk in The Blight.
      Seen here making their rounds

      ...Bezhukk of the Infernal Revenue:

      ...Lt. Smiles:

      ...down to business:



      I think, having seen them up close & personal, that Darkmeer has done an OUTSTANDING bit of brushwork & basing that richly deserve a VERY WELL DONE!
      Thanks MUCHO for the Tax Team, Darkmeer!
    • By Darkmeer
      This is the model I intend on using for "Rosubian" the sorcerer for my Song of Blades and Heroes warband.  He is so much fun, and I'm very happy with him.  The basing is liquitex matte medium (for the lava) which was painted, cork and then Golden Blended fibers for the top of the base.  


    • By Darkmeer
      These were a lot of fun, and I have 5 more on deck.  The lava/temple bases have been a lot of fun to work through.  The first up is Hthark the Unstoppable, from Blood Bowl.  he was a lot of fun, and I intend on using him for my "great weapon" version of the bull centaurs.  The Bases are a Happy Seppuku base over it into Sculpey, which was broken into shape.  The lava is liquitex matte medium layered until the base texture was less visible, then painted.
      Painted to medium tabletop, with some highlighting.  I'm very happy with them.
      Hthark the Unstoppable




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