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WIP gaming table

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Looking forward to getting back in the workshop this weekend. During this week I've been looking at some different stains I've tried about 7/8 stains and these 3 are my favourite. I'm thinking the clear coat, what's your thoughts? Also trying to decided on color of felt.

A custom dark brown


"Whistler orange"


Clear coat


Also here are the 3' thick slab and the 2 half slabs I picked up for $80 CAD total and will be the "gaming face"


ATM This weekend we plan to break down the 3' slabs for the gaming face and do a quick re-plane on the "dining face" boards we cut that are in the kiln. Then we will dowel, glue & clamp the boards together and let dry. We have considered other options of joining the boards and that is still up for debate.

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You could do the legs and frame one color while the top is another.


That is what I did with my new table.


Not trying to hijack your thread just showing an example.














Looking forward to seeing your table complete.

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Very nice, really like how you've used the stains to make the table top pop also I encourage the hijacking! The only way I could see adding 2 stains is one on the dining face(lid) & a different one on the gaming face. Maybe going clear coat on the lid and the custom brown on the legs/gaming face etc

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 I'm always a fan of clearcoat on nice wood, but the orange does appeal to me for some reason.   Also, I had no idea one could buy wood slabs!

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Updating text on computer /sorry the pics are side ways


We ripped the 3' thick slabs into boards for the sides and the "head & foot" of the gaming face. The track took a couple of cuts with a little burning of the wood I was scared when we put it through the table saw, with this much wood it could easily spit it back at us I was thankful that it didnt (must of rolled a crit) as the wood cut perfectly.





7 boards that we cut from the 1 1/2' thick slabs were in the kiln and were going to be used for the "table face". 1 board to rule them all, one of the boards we cut..twisted and buckled. I dont want to let this piece go.. So we are making a movie about saving this board. We threw the rest through the planer, the other board now sits with clamps and wet cloths coating it trying to bend it back, board I am your father.






the 6 remaining oards for the face went through the planer again.





The planer.




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I'm not sure how set on your plans you are, but there's a great set of plans for a "Gaming Dining Table" on Wood Whisperer that I'm dying to try.  The catch is that it's $100USD for the plans, but comes with 10+ hours of instructional video.  Frankly I'm considering it because it's the most professional-looking table going.  Very close to the GeekChic "Emmisary".




As well, here's a ton of relevant links from Reddit (also when you're done, post all your pics on /r/woodworking).










Also, questions:


Where exactly does one pick up that much hemlock for so cheap?  "In a car park" seems like the most unlikely place to find a hardwood dealer...asking because I am also Canadian and now curious about street-peddling hardwood salesmen.


(also your pics are all sideways)

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First off. WOW those reddit links are amazing, one guys has coverable "cubbies?" and other things to stack papers another with lighting around the edge of the gaming face, those WIP are elfen awesome.


The plans seem expensive. I also dont like veneer which the plans encourage. I did my plans (first post) on google "SketchUp". Im kinda dismissing those plans you linked as im 1/2 through the build but if it motivates and helps you build your own table then go for it! considering the price my budget was $500CAD MAX i think ill hit it just cause I want it to last.


Im unsure how to get my pics right ways up doh! but the Hemlock was a steal. Slabs at that price are hard to find + this guy did 2 custom slabs 3' thick straight off the clear cut. It wasnt the fact I work as a "fine wood finisher" but that I was in the right place at the right time. Hang out by the tool/paint/wood store of your area and you might get lucky! ;p.

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I've noticed that when I upload pics that I take from my iPhone that if I don't crop them (at least a tad bit) they will rotate on me, but if I crop them and edit them a bit even if it's just to make sure the enhancement is on, then they rotate back up and are good to go.

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I have tamed the untameable, I have saved the unsaveable the one board that was twisted and buckled has been tortured and its will bent into shape..


..by placing nice hot wet towels on it and clamping it flat. So while the board was at the spa we cut down the 5/8' sheet of ply we are using for the gaming table base (which will have felt glued to one side) and put that piece away for later.




Using the off cut piece of the ply we measured and drilled 7 holes into it.




Making a Jig. The holes measured to the size of the 2' long pieces of dowel that we are going to use to join the 7 boards of the dining face.




Clamping the 6foot long jig to the board it gave us the footprint to drill the holes we needed for the dowel. The spa worked wonders on the buckled POS(piece of scrap) board so we drilled all 7 pieces.






We put the 7 pieces out to get an idea of which boards go where and had the grain vary from board to board to stop any buckling or cupping, once the puzzle was complete, We then added the dowel to one side of a board and rolled wood glue on both pieces and started to join the boards. We joined 2 sets of 2 and then added a third board to one of the sets. The most money I have spent on the table happened moments before this and it was on clamps. WE NEED MORE CLAMPS CPT!






This part has been a little tricky trying to get no gap between the boards, seems to be going well so far with some persuasion from the mallet.







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I finished the gaming face! It looks awesome. I wIll do a 100 things differently on my next one. The table top heavily cupped and needs to be re cut, put through the thickness planer & joiner & then glued and bisque joined. 


Heres a pic of the top about to be put onto the legs and then pics of it in the house and in use !






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