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77234 Boneflail, Gnoll Cleric


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If you plan to do more,consider picking out the seams on the front of the shield with a slightly different colour.

It just adds a bit of detail and 'takes it up a level without too much extra work.


Teeth... I went over the mouth with MSP Monster Maw first(On the Krokuta Gnoll Cleric I did recently) then dry-brushed on an Ivory colour. Makes it really pop...


I find that Gnolls makes very 'noisy' minis(lots of detail that competes for attention), so it's difficult to 'guide' the viewer's eyes.

I guess there's only two ways of solving that; One or two 'points of attention' and trying to mute the rest down a bit, or taking it all out.


As for spells...

Aren't Clerics usually healers?

Imagine him with a 'cure wounds' spell capable of healing broken bones...


Even more terrifying thought...

If he's a Cleric, can you imagine a high-level priest?

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I am painting my pack of gnolls that have been sitting around for years and I am on this one right now. Can anyone tell me what is on his shoulder? At first, I thought it was a pot, but now I see it is a skeleton of some sort, but I can't wrap my head around the features. Is it an animal skull?


Secondly, the shield certainly looks like animal hide, given the stitching, but the back looks like a traditional wood shield with an iron border. Is it hide wrapped over a wood or iron core?  Can someone interpret what is going on between the front and back of the shield?


As an aside, I also noticed that all of the gnolls have four "toes", except for one, which only has three. Artist interpretation I guess.

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