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Hidden Dreams presents a line of Sylvan Elves fantasy miniatures in 28mm scale cast in high quality resin. Miniatures are compatible with Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age. Use them on your battlefields. Join us to develop them.



Hidden Dreams presents a line of Sylvan Elves fantasy miniatures in 28mm scale cast in high quality resin. Miniatures are compatible with Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age. Use them on your battlefields. Join us to develop them.

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We would like to invite you to support our first crowdfunding campaign dedicated toSylvan Elves miniatures. All of them are compatible with Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age.

We are small and very new company, but with your support we want to provide a new line of fantasy miniatures. We work in cooperation with very talented sculptors, artists and manufacturers to provide you with the best products possible.

We want to cooperate with you during the development of our products. The miniatures will be created for you, that's why we want you to be a part of this. So feel free to send us any suggestions and ideas. Your dreams may become reality.

With your help we are going to release our first project. Please support us and help us realize our dream!



1. Shapeshifter Forest Prince

Ready project




 Available for 10€

2. Thicket Shepard Hero - Battle Standard Bearer

Ready project



Available for 20€

3. Blade Dancer Hero/ChampionReady project






  Available for 10€.

4. Kestrel Knights unit2 miniatures sculpting work in progress  
3rd with bow will be unlocked at 1850€



1 miniature 25€, 3 miniatures 60€ - you can freely choose or different or specific

or without tree support 1 miniature 20€, 3 miniatures 50€ - you can freely choose or different or specific

5. Thicket Beasts unit Project in progress (1 of 3 fnished). 
3 different miniatures will be unlocked at 1850€Look at Thicket Shepard Battle Standard Bearer to have got idea how they can look like.





1 miniature 10€, 3 miniatures 25€ - you can freely choose or different or specific
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Hello guys,


Just few words from us, as we found that discussion;)


They seem to be very early in their development. They are offering painted options but don't have any examples. The one printed mini, the shapeshifter prince, looks awesome though.

Yes, at the end of August we were in very early development. Now we are little bit further. Some new projects, some new final and painted models, some more printings. Please check it out now.


The only mini of interest for me right now is the Blade Dancer. As it's also a 'Flexible Funding' project, I'm out.

Only reason why it was flexible funding, was that even without getting 100% funds, we wanted to send all ordered minis. It was step for you, not for us.



Well ... they have not shown all of what they want to produce. I like Shapeshifter and Blade Dancer.

And it is still not the everything;)



With any questions, please don't hesitate to ask me.



Some new stuff:

Please find time and check it one more time.

Thanks in advance!









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The resin casts look very nice, and I like the amount of detail sculpted into them. It's just not a subject that appeals right now.  I considered the Forest Prince with the extra arms, but 15€ plus shipping is a bit rich for a single figure. 

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