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The Village People

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This is a very large WIP... It'll take me a long time to get done with all of them.


The pudgy prior






The barkeep






The angry lady with the rolling pin






The school teacher












That dang textbook about did my sanity in!


More to follow. 



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Where's the Cowboy, Indian, Construction worker and Policeman?


Anyway, the ones you do have look good.


The book... Why set yourself up for so much pain where there are Ginfritters?


I had to google Ginfritters. Now you've surely ruined me, and what's left of my bank account! 


I honestly never thought of using decals on miniatures. I didn't know such tiny little things would exist, but now that I think about it, I guess it makes sense. I used to put 'em on model airplanes as a kid. Why not go smaller!


Uhhh, I don't think that last one is a school teacher.  :unsure:  :lol:


Good job so far though!


I really struggled with deciding on a presentation for her. Wonder what the sculptor was thinking when she sprang to life. :)


BTW, she's an *amazing* piece of work as far as the sculpture goes. A rare treat, incredibly well crafted.


Haven't you heard? Girls can be anything! 


Yes, this is what I keep telling my daughters.


I just hope they don't take that to mean Daddy is OK with them becoming an exotic dancer or something.




  Either of those fine ladies can school me anytime...




:wub: :wub: :wub:




I mean, lovely work!!!







Great group of townsfolk!



Thank you. 


Three down, 31 more reaper models to go, if I'm counting right, plus some nekkid harlots I ordered in from the UK which are decidedly not going to be work safe to post. (I'll post links when I get 'em done) 


I'm saving those foreign models for last as I'm hoping to really master flesh shading before I get to them. Two of that bunch are resin cast from masters, and I want them to be perfect.

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