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Portrait of a Young Tiefling Bust, DS minis

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WOW!  Another mini that makes me wish there was a Love This button, cause Like This just doesn't come close.


Edit: Must go paint now.  Seeing wonderful pieces make me want to paint on days that I'm feeling meh.  Thanks for the boost.

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That is an extrordinary awe-inspiring thing you did! ::o:

The cloth, the skin, the eyes... Simply stunning.

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thanks everyone!!!  I can't take credit for the cool corset pattern since it's sculpted onto the figure.  Here's the unpainted bust:


It was fun working with the already textured surface!

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Great stuff, I would have offered some constructive criticism on the base, but you beat me to it. I think maybe concealing the connection between the wooden plinth and the column with rubble, stone flooring, or something like that? Might have been worth testing, but for actual paintwork I don't come close to your skill. Just throwing ideas out there.


I also wouldn't have tried to be 100% faithful to the illustration. I don't think the cat works as a black cat, and the shoulder thingies on her right shoulder look weird in 3D, Might have tried to do something else there. Those are just nitpicks though, overall it's a fabulous piece. Love the hair and skin. Wish I could do hair and skin that well...  ::(:

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I did this tutorial on face painting a few years ago that at least talks a bit about the process.  What I've learned for both hair and skin is to make sure I do a lot of layers of very small changes in color to get the smooth blends.  It's a pain, but worth it.  I also have recently learned taking a photo and trying to copy the person's skin through color mixing can be a great way to get a realistic skin.  


I'd thought about putting some ivy around the base, so I may experiment with that!

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