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Portrait of a Young Tiefling Bust, DS minis

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Beeeautiful work, Corporea! Love it! Inspirational (and I'm totally stealing a lot of that when I get to this one...).


I hear you on directional lighting. It seems a lot of my focus lately has been on improving my lighting game, how to light things that aren't lit or fake in things that are easy in 2d. I think you did pretty well with teh back, though you could've put in just a wee bit more variation on the back's flesh tones. The main thing holding it back I think is that the other materials aren't as dramatically lit as the skin tones (most noticeably the sleeves).


Picking nits, of course. I always feel weird critiquing really nice art :)

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Somewhere my eyes are on the ground around here !!

That is just shear ! OMG !!!

Incredible !

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I'm reading this as a young maiden trying to fit in who applies foundation/powder to blend in with humans as much as possible, but can't reach her back. So the back of the shoulders are her "real" skin tone.


Excellent work from horn to base, and all the bits between!

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